So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


28. Give me your heart and your hand and we can run - Chapter 28

Kellin's POV

I can't believe him! Or her! Or... Me..

No matter how in love I am with her I can't do that... She's not mine.

I walked down behind Rose, I couldn't bare to be in that room any longer than she could.

I saw her hug him while they flirted, shamelessly. Disgusting.

He kissed her and my jaw clenched. He can't do that anymore. She's not his.. But she's not mine either.

They left without a goodbye and I groaned and flopped down on the couch next to Tay.

She sighs and begins to okay with my hair. I smile slightly and hug her. "I have no idea what I'm going I'm do about her.." I trail off. "She's just going to get hurt again." I state.

Tay shrugs. "You don't know that. I know Justin fucked up royally but think about it. She loves him, he loves her. If they really do love each other, and it's meant to be maybe things will work out. I know you're just looking out for her but she's not a baby, she can make her own decisions." Tay tells me while continuing to play with my hair.

"I guess you're right.."

"I'm a girl, I'm always right." She says and smiles.

I laugh and feel myself start to lean in, and I swear she did too. Our lips connected and I kissed her. This was different. She kissed back but the whole time I couldn't really enjoy it. This was wrong. I don't like Tay... Do I? No. I love Rose.

I pull away and she looks at me hopefully. I shake my head and stand up.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. It was a mistake." I mutter and walk away.

What am I getting myself into?

Rose's POV

Justin took me out to dinner, and for the first time in a while I ate a full meal, and didn't feel bad about it.

We walked out of the restaurant and Justin turns to look at me.

I smile and kiss him. He kisses back and pulls away. "Okay, get in. I have a surprise."

I looked at him confused but got in anyway. Justin drove for about twenty minutes until he pulled into a parking lot of an... Old dance studio.

"An old dance studio?" I ask him, confused. He just smiles and nods.

"Just come with me and you'll understand." He says and gets out, running to my side and opening my door for me. I blush and get out, smiling and thanking him.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked into the building like that. He stops right in front of a for and turns to me.

"Close your eyes." He demands and I look at him.


"Just do it please." He says and smiles. "I promise I won't let you get hurt." He laughs, making fun if my clumsiness and I roll my eyes.

"You're a dick Justin." I joke but close my eyes anyway.

"But you love me." He says and I hear the door open and he leads me into the room. "Keep your eyes closed and stay right here." He says and I nod.

He walks away but returns soon after and tells me I can open my eyes.

I do what I'm told and I see Justin standing in front of me with a rose in his hand.

"Here, a beautiful rose for a beautiful Rose." He says and hands it to me.

I blush and take it, thanking him. I look around and the whole room is breathtaking. It was gorgeous. There was gold, silver and black decorations everywhere. There were balloons, glitter, streamers and anything that you could thing of. There was a sound system set up and a table with Jell-O shots on it and I laugh quietly. I keep looking and I see a photo booth and there were paper lanterns hanging in different places, illuminating the room perfectly.

I look at Justin with wide eyes and he smiles cheekily.

"So, I know that you didn't get to go to your senior prom for... Reasons." He starts. I breathe in sharply, it's true. I was in the hospital the week of prom and graduation due to an accidental overdose. "But I wanted to make sure that you got the experience you deserve. So Alexandria Jaiden Rose, will you go to prom with me?" He asks, taking my hands in his.

I smile happily, a few tears falling. "Of course I will Justin." I say softly.

He smiles wide and picks me up into a hug, spinning around with me. "I've gotten myself the best prom date everrrr!" He brags and I giggle and kiss him.

He sets me down and smiles at me. "I wanted tonight to be perfect, I really tried my best. I hope you like this Rose because we all know that you deserve this." He says and I place my hand on his cheek, smiling.

"It's perfect; just like you." I tell him and kiss his nose.

He blushes which I found adorable and he takes my hand again, intertwining our fingers. "Would you care to dance my love?" He asks me.

"I would love to, darling." I say and he leads me out into the middle of the room.

As if on que Lego House by Ed Sheeran starts playing. I smile and he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek, then rest my head on his shoulder.

"You know you really are perfect." He says, swaying back and forth slightly.

I blush and shake my head "I'm not." I say and play with his hair.

"You are to me. I hope you know I'd give you the world if I could." He says and I smile. "I truly love you more than anything and anyone. I need you Rose. It's been hell without you and knowing I hurt you so bad... It just wouldn't be right if I couldn't make it up to you." He says quietly.

"Hey, baby." I say and look at him. "You don't need to make it up to me, I already forgave you. I love you Justin, I'd be damned if I didn't. I don't want you to feel bad for that anymore, I know you're sorry, understand?" I speak slowly, making sure he understood.

He smiles at me and nods and I just stare at him for a while, taking in everything that I missed these past few months. He kisses me softly and without hesitation I kiss back.

I really do love Justin more than anything.

He sighs and pulls away. "I know this may be a little weird, and I know that you're probably not ready for this yet but I need to try." He mutters and I furrow my eyebrows.

He bites his lip and searches through his pocket and pulls out a small box. He gets down on one knee and I widen my eyes. My heart rate speeds up and he laughs at me.

"Don't worry I'm not proposing." He chuckles and I heave out a sigh of relief.

I love him, but there's no way I'm ready for that.

"So, I have no idea where to start. So why don't I start at the beginning. Rose, from the first time I met you I fell in love. I fell in love with everything. The way you smile, the way your hair is always perfectly done no matter what you do to it. How you always feel the need to impress everyone when in reality you're perfect enough just the way you are. The day that you finally agreed to be mine and I got to hold you and call you my girlfriend... That was pure bliss. From the moment you said yes I had finally realized that I knew I loved you. You went on your with Sleeping With Sirens and I was so happy I could spend the tour with the girl that changed my life. I couldn't have asked for anyone better because there is no one better.

"The day After I cheated and I realized what I'd done, my world collapsed. I knew you wouldn't forgive me and I couldn't handle it. I couldn't handle losing someone like you. So when you ended it, I changed. Whatever happened I couldn't use my brain. I used other girls to distract me from the pain I inflicted on you and myself. But it never worked. Every time I was with them I thought of you.

"After you left the tour and I read the note you left, I had never cried so hard. You thought it was your fault. And I couldn't tell you how wrong you were. After you left I never touched or looked at another girl, because the only girl I wanted was you. Things started to go downhill after that.

"The day I found out you tried to kill yourself.. Oh my god. You don't even know. My heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest and stomped on over and over again. And it was already hurting because I knew I was going to lose you to Kellin for good. The whole time in the hospital I thought long and hard and I finally realized that I couldn't lose you for good. Life wouldn't be worth living without you. Because you had stolen my heart and the only way to get it back was to get you back.

"I did all this when I realized that I needed you back, and I just hoped you woke up. I swore I would do anything in my power to make you mine again. And that's what I intend to do. The day you woke up and said you forgave me, I couldn't tell you how happy that made me.

"And here we are Rose. There's one way I want this to end, but I don't know if it will work out in my favour. Please prove me wrong." He says and takes a deep breath, opening the box to reveal a silver ring with an infinity symbol on it.

"On the inside it has 'forever and always, to infinity and beyond' engraved because I wouldn't have it any other way. This is a promise ring, promising that I'll love you forever until I can't anymore. And that won't happen, because even after I die I'll still be in love with you. I promise that one day, I'm going to marry you and start a family with you because you're all I want. So Rose, I'm promising you my forever, all I need is for you to promise me yours." He says, taking my hand.

By now I was sobbing and I couldn't form any coherent words. So I did the first thing I thought of, and I knew I wouldn't regret this decision.

I got on my knees in front of Justin, and I kissed him. I kissed him with all the love I had in my body, and I kissed him like I hadn't been able to for years.

He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. Through my tears I could see his own falling down his face. "So what do you say?" He asks softly.

"I say yes. You have my forever." I speak slowly so I wouldn't jumble my words through my tears.

He smiled through his own tears and slipped the ring on my finger.

"This is a start of something new." I whisper and kiss him again.

Right now, the world seemed okay. It was perfect. I hadn't even expected him to want me back, but here he is promising to love me forever. And I knew I was already going to do that.

For now, I didn't give one single fuck about anything other than my love for Justin.

Undying, and forever and always, to infinity and beyond.



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