So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


4. Girl, how the fuck you gonna leave me? - Chapter 4

Kellins POV

"What the fuck Katelynne?" I ask her as we get in the car.

"What?" She asks as if nothing happened.

"What is wrong with you? Why can't you just fucking learn to get along with her?"

"Because she's a bitch. I don't like her. So you should stop hanging out with her." She speaks slowly.

"No! She's my best friend!" I yell.

"Well maybe your fucking family should come before friends." She says to me.

"Don't even fucking go there, you know I love you both more than anything."

"Yeah well maybe you should show it."

"Yeah, well it's hard when you're in love with a bitch."

"Excuse me?" She says and looks at me.

"A bitch, that's what you are. You're rude to all my friends, you never let me do what I want because you always pull the "oh you should spend more time with your family" yeah well you know what? I'm fucking sick of it!" I tell her.

"Yeah well maybe if you're so sick of it, I think we should end this."

"Yeah you're right, get your shit out

Of my house and move out as soon as possible."

"Oh by the way, since this whole thing is done, I thought I might tell you that I'm cheating on you."

"Yeah, when we get back, get your fucking shit and get out." I say and begin to drive back to my house.

Roses POV

We had payed for our food and then me Justin, Jesse, Jack and Gabe went to my house. Me and Justin explained our whole ordeal of keeping the relationship on the down low. He agreed to help us out and thank god for him.

I grabbed my phone off the charger and walked downstairs to see all the guys laying on my couch/floor. I jumped on to Jesse and smile.

He chuckles and I see Justin look at me and pout. I just shrug and put my feet on him. He rolls his eyes and traces shapes into my leg.

By this time we had all changed. I was in a pair of Justin's sweatpants again and an old Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt, Justin and Jesse were just in sweat pants and the other two had on sweatpants and old shirts the had left here at some point in time.

"Let's play video games or something." I say and groan.

"Okayyy." Gabe says and puts in Call Of Duty.

I smile and let the guys play first, only so I could annoy Justin while they played.

They start the game and I know that Gabe and Jack won't be taking there eyes off the screen the whole time so I take my chance.

I move off Jesses lap and cuddle into Justin's side. He looks down at me and smiles. I know he doesn't care if I do this so I continue trying to distract him.

I place my hand on his side and trace small shapes. Still barely a reaction.

Well damn.

I smile a bit and look down at Jack and Gabe to make sure they were still looking at the TV. Sure enough, they are. I gently kiss his jawline and move down his neck. I feel him start to move around a bit.


I look at the hickey I left on his neck earlier, and I wonder how nobody had noticed it. I smirk and decide to make another one. I suck on the skin below where I had made the mark earlier and his breathing increases.

"Roses what are you doing?" He whispers quietly so only I could here.

"Just playing around." I answer at the same volume.

He rolls his eyes and I continue what I was doing before he interrupted me.

For another 5 minutes I continue doing things like this until I hear Jesse jump up and start cheering.

"THATS RIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS!" He yells and I laugh.

"My turn." I say and take Justin's controller.

He chuckles and pulls me into his lap and Jack looks at us.

"You two seem pretty close lately. Is there anything you need to tell papa Jack?" He asks suspiciously and I burst out laughing.

"Papa jack? Really?" I say through giggles and he nods proudly.

"I think of my little Rose as my daughter." He says and pulls me on the floor with him and starts tickling me.

"J-jack no!" I squeal through laughs but he continues.

"Okay okay, enough torturing the pretty lady. My turn." Gabe says and pulls me into an extremely tight hug

"Gabeee." I whine but he keeps hugging me.

"SOFT KITTY WARM KITTY LITTE BALL OF FUR!" He sings into my ear loudly.

The others laugh hysterically and join in.


I finally escape Gabe's arms and lay on the floor.

"I hate you all." I mutter and Justin jumps down and hugs me tightly.


"Especially you." I say and the other three laugh.

He pouts and let's go of me.

"Jesse is my favourite." I say and lift my arms as if to tell him to pick me up.

"Awe boo you're my favourite too." Jesse says and picks my up.

"Yay!" I exclaim and hold on to him tightly.

"I think papa Jack should be your favourite." Jack says.

"Too bad." I say. "Justin put a movie in." I say and hop down from Jesse's arms.

"Okay." He says and I walk into the kitchen.

Gabe walks out behind me and hugs me. I hugs back and he sighs.

"I have a serious question Roses." He says and I turn around and start to make popcorn.

"Yeah?" I ask and he gets a few beers from the fridge.

"How much do you weigh now?" He asks and I freeze.

"Enough." I reply and wait for the microwave to stop.

"Roses, please." He sighs.

"86." I reply and take the bag out of the microwave once is done popping.

"That's not nearly enough." He says and hugs me.

"Yes it is." I reply and pour the popcorn into a bowl.

"Have you ever noticed that you could feel your ribs? And hip bones? Oh what about your spine and collar bone?" He says and I shrug.

"Staying pretty just incase someone would wanna date me." I reply and grab a beer from his hand and open it.

"That's not pretty, that's unhealthy." He says and I shrug.

"Oh well." I say and take a drink and walk into the living room with the bowl and my drink.

"What movie did you pick hot shot?" I ask Justin and sit on his lap.

"Mama." He replies and I smile.

"Yay." I say and pick up a piece of popcorn and tell him to open his mouth.

I throw it in and do a little victory dance.

"Rose always wins." I say and kiss his cheek.

"Yeah there's definitely something going on between those two." Jack says to Gabe and Gabe nods.

"Oh shut up." Justin says.

They laugh and Jesse hits play on the movie.

While the other three were in a trance watching the movie I smile at Justin and hand the popcorn to Jesse. He takes it reluctantly and I place a small kiss on Justin's lips.

He smiles and pecks my lips a few times. I kiss him and suck on his bottom lip a bit and he runs his hand up my side. He bites down on my bottom lip gently and I part my lips slightly, but of course he takes the chance and sticks his tongue in my mouth.

I pull away and giggle quietly. He shakes his head and whispers quietly, while pouting "You can't just pull away like that."

"Awe baby." I say at the same volume and kiss him again.

"But they're gonna see us." I whisper and pull away again.

"Oh well." He whispers back and kisses me again.

While in the midst of another make out session I hear someone jump up and yell



Me and Justin pull away from each other and stare at him.

"So when did this happen?" He asks and puts his hands on his hips.

"Today." I answer.

"And nobody told Papa Jack. That hurts guys." He says with a sad expression engraved on his face.

"I still love you the most Jacky-poo." I say and jump up and hug him.

He hugs back and picks me up. "You hear that Justin. Imma steal yo girl." He says and wiggles his eyebrows.

Justin pouts "don't take her, she's all I have." He fake cries.

"Sorry jack, I lied. I love him more." I say and go back to sitting on Justin.

He pouts.

"So let's get this straight, you two are dating?" Gabe asks and Justin nods.

He laughs. "Alright, just don't tell Kellin." He says.

"Didn't plan on it anyway." I mutter and Justin kisses my cheek.

"You two are OTP." Jack says and I laugh.

"Whatever." I giggle and stand up.

"You guys do whatever, but please don't break my house." I say and start to walk upstairs.

Justin jumps up and follows me. "Hello pretty lady." He says and I laugh.

"Hi Justin." I say and walk into my bedroom.

He jumps on my bed and strikes the weirdest pose ever.

"What are you doing weirdo?" I ask him and crawl on top of him.

"I don't really know to be honest." He mumbles.

I kiss him softly and smile.

"Goodnight love." I say and crawl under the blankets.

"Goodnight." He says and crawls under next to me, pulling me into his chest.

"I love you Justin." I yawn.

"I love you too my beautiful baby girl."

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