So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


42. Bonus Chapter 3 (Grey/Cope)

Kellin's POV

24 more years. 24 years after Tay and I got married, I stand next to Copeland who's in her wedding dress. As a dad, I don't think you really look forward to the day when you have to give your daughter away to another man. Although, I kept my promise. Cope and Greyson, Rose and Justin's son, are getting married today.

"You know, Cope. Rose would've done anything to see you here today, on your wedding day. She loved you so much, just like Tay and I do. She'd be just as proud of you, I'm sure." I speak slowly, my voice still betraying me, cracking.

"I know dad... I don't get it though. Why her? She had finally got the life she deserved, and it's just taken away, like it was nothing."

"But it wasn't nothing, Cope. Rose had so many people who loved her, and I know she will not be forgotten. She... She was loved, and is loved. She loved you, and all of us more than anything. Just don't forget that."

2 years ago, Rose had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and just three weeks after her diagnosis, the cancer spread, and eventually, stopped her heart. She died peacefully, and she did leave her mark. The funeral was probably the worst, just seeing her so pale and lifeless made it all so much more real. Justin, god love him, he hasn't been the same. Of course he wasn't, he just lost the girl of his dreams.

"The wedding starts in twenty, I'll be back to walk you down the isle. I love you." I tell Copeland, pulling her into a gentle hug and kissing her forehead.

"I love you too, dad." She says quietly, smiling a bit.

"Don't be nervous either, Cope. It's okay." I say and smile back, walking back out Into the hallway. I take a few breath as tears fall. I don't really know what they're from though, happiness or sadness. Soon my mind settled on sadness.

When you're sobbing you don't really care about anything, you become numb. And that's exactly how I felt right now. Numb. She didn't deserve it. She should've lived so so much longer. She should've been here to see her kids get married, she deserved much more than what she got.

Soon enough I felt someone beside me and a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see the one and only bassist, Justin Hills. "Kellin, it's alright." He sighs. I don't really know what he means by alright, but it just seems comforting in the slightest.

"She should've been are today." I say and choke back another sob.

"I know, Kells. But you need to calm down. Your daughter is getting married in," he stops and checks his phone. "12 minutes." He tells me and smiles sadly.

"You know, I admire you for your strength through this all." I tell him and wipe away my tears. He just shrugs and looks down.

"It's not strength, it was more realizing I needed to be there for you all, and Rose wouldn't have wanted us to be upset." He barely whispers. "Now, get back in there and spend the last few minutes of your daughters non-committed life with her." He says, mustering a tiny laugh. I smile gratefully and him and nod, walking back into the room Copeland was in.

Justin's POV

I guess it was my turn to let a few tears fall. Yes, it's true. She only got 44 years when she should've gotten more, but she lived her life to the fullest. I walked back out to where Grey, Scar and Cade were standing.

"You three are always together, I swear to god." I say and shake my head.

"Well, it isn't every day that your big brother is getting married," Scar says and pinches Greys cheek to annoy him. I laugh quietly at the two, but I frown at Cade who hasn't said anything all day.

"Cadence," I say and she looks at me "come here for a minute." We walk out of the hallway where the other two were bickering and I furrow my eyebrows at her. "You okay?" I ask, pulling her into a hug.

"Yeah.. Yeah. Just, today isn't a good day. And I feel bad because it's supposed to be Grey and Copes big day and I'm just here ruining it for them." She sighs and lays her head on my shoulder. God, Cadence reminds me so much of her mother, and I knew exactly what she meant by not a good day.

"Woah, Cade. You're not ruining it. They understand if you don't feel great. It isn't your fault, and they know that. You should too." I say and rub her back. Cadence, had unfortunately inhabited some of her mothers bad habits. "Have you done it again?" I ask and she shakes her head, thank god.

"I can't. Every time I think about it, I think about mom and that usually stops me." She mutters and holds onto me tighter.

"That's good, you can get better love, I know you can. I watched your mother recover and she was so much happier and healthier." I tell her in a quiet voice. I feel her nod slightly and I smile. "I love you, Cadence."

"I love you too, dad."

Cope's POV

I never thought I'd be getting married to my best friend, ever. But here I was, getting walked down the isle by my dad, about to marry the guy I've fallen completely in love with.

We reach the end and dad let's go of my arm, smiling at me. "I love you." He whispers and kisses my head, walking to his seat next to Tay. Grey takes my hand and I couldn't focus on anything the guy that was marring us was saying. I got lost in Greyson's beautiful eyes, instead. Apparently, it was time to say our vows and I had snapped out of my little trance.

"Well Cope," Greyson starts with a little chuckle. "I've known you all my life, literally. My dad being in the same band as yours, had paid off. You're the most beautiful, witty, sassy and charming girl I've ever laid eyes on, and I'm glad your dad didn't murder me when we told him I had asked you to be my girlfriend." He says, making me giggle and I see dad roll his eyes.

"I didn't think a guy like me, could get a girl like you but guess what? I did. And I swear that I'm not gonna fuck this up no matter what. I know that I annoy the hell out of you, but I hope you know that I'm so god damn in love with you, no matter what.

"I knew I'd fall in love with you about... 14 years ago. When I was ten and you were twelve. I was still pretty young, but had a good sense of what love was thanks to my mom and my dad." He stops to take a deep breath at 'mom' and honestly, I had to as well. "The way I always liked your smile and your laugh, and the way your eyes shine when you smile. I love the way your hair always looks amazing and how adorable you look when you first wake up. Of course, I could drone on about the things I love about you for hours one end, but I can never pick just

One thing I love most. Everything is just too precious.

"And I swear, just like the ten year old me swore that I'd fall in love with you some day, I swear I'll love you until I can't anymore. And even when you think I loved you all I can, I'm gonna love you a little bit more."

I smile and look at his shimmering eyes. I run my thumb over the back of his hand and take a deep breath. "Well Grey," I start off the same way he did. "You're an annoying little shit, but I love you regardless. You always know what to do if I'm upset, and you're always willing to beat anyone who even dared to look at me the wrong way.

"You're funny, charming, childish and honestly, you're my best friend. My personal favourite is that you're mine. You're the only person that I've ever let get this close, and I'm glad it was you of all people.

"It's funny thinking back to the scrawny 14 year old boy who always got jealous when I mentioned other boys around him, it's funny thinking that you'd ever think I would want anyone other than you. You're perfect for me and I couldn't stress that enough. I know that, you know that and ask anyone around us, and they could tell you just how much you mean to me.

"So, Greyson Kellin Hills, I promise that I'll love you until you forget what I take in my Coffee, tea and liquor." I joke and smile at him. He pouts as I continue. "Joking, even if you forgot, it's impossible to not be in love with you. I promise, that I'll love you no matter what, because I couldn't have asked for anyone any more perfect." I say softly and reach up and touch his cheek gently.

"You may kiss the bride." The priest says.

He leans in and kisses me slowly and softly, and I've never felt any more in love. He was absolutely perfect and I swear I fall more and more in love with him each passing day. Butterflies fill my stomach as he pulls away and whispers into my ear quietly "I guess I better not forget what you take in your tea, coffee and liquor, now should I?"

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