So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


32. And I'd give up forever to touch you - Chapter 32

Rose's POV

It's like I had to be extremely careful around Justin, as if I'd make one wrong move and everything we had gets destroyed. In probably overreacting but wouldn't you be too if you just got the love of your life back and you're so close to losing him again.

Justin had also been extra careful around me these past few days, like he knew something was wrong. He probably still thought I was sick.

Right now we were laying on the couch watching Spongebob, you could tell it was my turn to pick something. We had just been laying here all day and for once I forgot about everything. I was just content laying here with him in our own little world. Of course, he had to ruin it.

"What's wrong Rose?" He asks me, rubbing my back.

"Oh nothing, still feeling a little sick I guess," I lie easily.

"Oh okay that's cool, now tell me the truth please." He says and my heart feels like it's going to explode out of my chest.

"What are you talking about Justin?" I ask him and he sighs.

"You've been acting extremely weird these last few days. You can tell me anything you know that, right?" He asks and I nod. But I couldn't tell him this. I just couldn't.

"I know, but nothing's wrong." I tell him.

He sighs and I kiss him. "Tell me when you're ready, I'm not going to push it." He says and I nod.

"Nothing's wrong though." I say, and he rolls his eyes.

"Keep telling yourself that."

Nothing else was said after that, not like it was needed. We just laid there in silence. Justin was gently tracing shapes into my side and I was subconsciously playing with his hair, as always.

Just when I thought we'd have a normal day his hand started traveling to other places. My breath hitched in my throat and I widen my eyes. He looks at me odd and moves his hand.

"You're not okay Rose." He states and stares at me.

"I-I am I swear." I stutter and stand up.

He sits up and looks at me, probably looking for anything that would give off some information.

"That day you and Kellin were in the bathroom, nothing... Nothing happened, did it?"

"Oh god, of course not Justin. I love you and only you. I would never cheat." I say and hug him.

He hugs back tightly and sighs. "I just thought that you wanted to fuck me up like I did to you.." He mutters and I shake my head, kissing his jawline.

"Never. We made up, I forgave you and it's in the past. I'm over it. It still hurts but I'm not upset over it anymore." I tell him honestly and kiss him.

He kisses back and nods into the kiss.

"I'm sorry for even thinking that, it was stupid," he mumbles and I shake my head.

"Baby it's alright, I get it. I love you." I say softly and peck his lips a few times.

He smiles. "I love you too Roses."

He picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, sitting me down on the counter. Anxiety flowed through me once I realized what was underneath me. Justin seemed to notice and looked at me oddly, but brushed it off anyway.

"I was thinking a shower?" He asks, suggestively.

I smile and nod. His hand trail from my back to my stomach and I tense up. I guess I thought he was magical. I mean how else would he have known I was pregnant by touching my stomach.

"How else would I have know what?" Justin asks.

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"You said 'how else would he have known'."

Shit, thinking out loud fucking sucks.

"It's nothing," I dismiss the fact he's going to find out sooner or later.

"Rose please..." He begs.

"I can't tell you Justin," I say.

"Why not?! What did I do this time!" He groans in frustration.

"You did nothing baby, it's just that you'd hate me.. And probably leave." I whine and look down.

"No. No no no no no. Never. I'd never hate you Roses, and remember the promise I made you? To love you no matter what until the day I die." He says.

I look down at my ring and then back up at him.

"Please." He says and kisses my nose.

"I... Uh.. Well,."

"It's okay Rose," he says.

"Well, I'm pregnant." I blurt out and don't wait to see his reaction. I jump up and leave the room as quickly as possible.

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