Angels of Darkness

They were Angels. They were also Devils. They were Angels of Darkness.




      "My hand runs over the polished oak banister and traces the intricate pattern. It is amazing how people can carve this kind of beauty into something as boring and solid as wood. I smell a hint of jasmine wafting its way up my nostrils and sigh. Another fine day in the clouds. The glorious feel of the freedom I was granted at birth really does show its good side on days like this. Sadly, it also has its bad side.

          "Years ago, some of my kind grew greedy, blinded by the way they were pampered in the land of ours.  They took from us, tried to take our morality and our mortality. With some, they triumphed, though with others they did not. Many of us still have our morality, and our mortality, however fragile it makes us. Those who choose the different way, choose the opposites. They have no morals, nor are they mortal. The blood which flows through their veins is the only thing which links us to them, and yet even that is flooded with liquid fire.

          "I drift into the kitchen, my thoughts of negativity drifting away into nothingness as the enchanting aroma of mint surrounds me in a cloud of dizzying happiness. As I take my place at the marble table, a crash comes from the hallway and I look up sharply.  My breath catches in my throat as I see the thing enter.

          "My mother and father fall instantly, but I stand my ground, however weakly. This cannot be happening. We have always been told by the elders that we are safe from them. The elders are liars.

          "Future generations, if there shall be any, need to know of this, they must be able to protect themselves from them. From her. From him. From my sister and my brother. From the-"

          The tape was cut off.  What started out as an angelically innocent video diary turned into something of a violent nature, which would frighten anyone who saw it. And so, it was never revealed to the world. To this day, The Tape remains a secret. 

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