why hanging off cliffs is good for you (probably)

i dug out something i wrote ages ago and i'm gonna finish it (wow)


1. a world of your own

It's chilly midwinter, and you're walking in a world of your own. Your booted feet crunch on the frosty ground, scuffing the silvered leaves. A cool breeze tickles the back of your neck and you shiver, adjusting the thick woollen scarf around your neck. It's not the perfect day for a walk, but you needed to get out, taking the forest path up to the ravine carved by a waterfall long since gone. The tall, towering walls of streaked grey stone should intimidate you, but instead, they feel like home. Your eyes, a funny greyish colour most people comment on, trace the jagged edges of rock. And then - wait, what?

You take in the hands first - long, clever fingers, wearing an unusual amount of rings - then the skinny arms, with rolled-up cotton sleeves. Narrow shoulders, slender neck, longish, untidy hair, jaggedly cut like feathers. Long, skinny legs dangle below, bare feet completing the ‘just out of bed’ effect. What strikes you most, though, is the look of complete calmness on the pale face. Beaklike nose, dark eyes, faint trace of a smile. He knows someone will rescue him, you realise in disbelief. He doesn’t care how long it will take, he’s just hanging on because eventually someone will rescue him. You start running, heading towards the winding path that leads to the top of the cliff. Better not disappoint him.

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