Un-break My Heart

Nicole, an average teenage girl was assigned to be Edward's dancing partner for the school's Valentine performance. It's not just any dance. Something came up along the way that made them feel different towards each other.

1. o.n.e


     Nicole LeBlanc



          Dancing has not always been my thing. I’m not boyish nor girlish. I’m neutral. So imagine when your principal telling you that you’ll have activity class, on the first day of school after Christmas holiday, that’ll probably be a dancing class. I’ve always sucked at dancing. Like it’s either me tripping or me tripping people or me stepping on their foot. And sometimes, I tend to tangle my feet.

          “Good news! Ms. Sofia here will be  teaching you guys the dance. Not just any other dance, but the Pride and Prejudice dance. How cool is that? You guys get to experience what type of dance Lizzy and Mr. Darcy danced. Oh gosh!” Mrs. Cloudstone clapped her hands. “I seriously can’t wait! I hope you guys enjoy this and please try to do your best because we only have 5 weeks to practice before the performance for Valentine’s Day. Five weeks ladies and gentlemen! And also the roles for the Pride and Prejudice play is posted in the … board. Every single one of you have to sign up and audition, so please go to Mr. Cole. Thank you and enjoy!” She grinned and walked away.

          Well gee, if you’re so excited then why don’t you try it. I thought.

          Then realizing about the dance, I suddenly let out a groan.

          “Alright students! Well come to my class. Now I want every single one of you to make two rows. One row consists of girls and the other row consists of boys.” She told us before we all scrambled from the floor.

          “Now I want you guys to face each other.”


           I thought. Just great. Who am I gonna dance with? Like seriously this is an odd number. I don’t have a partner. I guess I’m just gonna be single like a pringle forever. How sad.

         Just then, someone bursts in, interrupting us.

         “Sorry, I’m late. Mr. Blacksmith called me.” He said as he pants, waving the pass in front of Ms. Sofia’s face. Edward von Frustenborough. Aka the most annoying, obnoxious, hot headed, discourteous, perverted, jerk, and the list goes on and one, guy ever created by God.

          She nodded. “Now go to that girl there at the very corner because I noticed that she doesn’t have a partner.”

          Aw, holy fudgeballs. Why me? First, dancing, secondly, audition. Now this? With this boy right here. Just I feel like I’m under a curse or something.

           “Hey bitch.” He nodded before checking me out. “Nice boobs you’ve got there. Mind if I do something?” He wiggled his eyebrows.Okay so what the hell is wrong with this guy? I mean we've barely known each other, let alone speak. Who does he think he is calling me a bitch? Asshole.

            “Eyes are up here asshole, and sure. Just if you want a taste of this.” I said before kicking him right where his precious diamond is.

          “Discourteous bitch.” He moaned.

“Hm? I was just thinking the same thing about you. Except you’re more than that.” I smirked.

          “So you’re calling me a girl then?”

          “Well, if the glass slipper fits, then..”

          “God what have I done that I deserve to be in this position stuck with this ungrateful bitch right here. I mean, she doesn’t really appreciate this piece of hot hunk right here.” He complained.

         “Shut up before I kick you rig-“

          “Gee, fine.”

          “You guys done yet?” A voice made our heads snapped.

           God, please don’t make me get a whiplash. I begged.

          “Wha-“ He said the same time as me. “You gu-“

          “Okay! Now that these two are done with their quarrel, let’s get started.”

           Save me from this hell hole, please God?


          "You know, mom's love story is kinda unique or whatsoever I must say. Corny, hilarious, la da da. Maybe your love story is similar to mom's. Like you know it started with this and that." Cécile spoke while polishing her nails. On top of my bed I must add. Mom's love story is indescribable. Of course my parents won't admit that they fancied each other but I've always known they fancied each other even before they knew each other. Like seriously though, my mom told us, my siblings and me, that they have different schedules and shit so like it's impossible for them to cross paths between each other.

          "Yeah, yeah. Whatevs." I rolled my eyes as I put on my newly bought ear studs that I've been loving. I don't know, I've been craving for ear studs lately.

           "You know what, he called me a bitch when we first met in our cooking class. He suddenly appears in my group, jabbed my delicious chocolate and vanilla cake and called me a bitch. How random and rude is that?" Mom scoffed.

         "Yeah? Well she chased me with a knife!" Dad exclaimed, defending himself of course.

           I didn't know how we came to talk about this topic but we just did. And seriously? Dad calling mom a bitch even when he didn't know her? That made me laugh really hard.

          Oh. No shit. No fudgeball cake is this happening. Nope, Nada. God, I forbid this virus from entering my life, amen.

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