Ghost Keeper

Nicholais Krogh had always been a disbeliever of all things paranormal just like many others. But after his first accidental encounter with a ghost, everything seems to fall apart and nothing is like it seems anymore... Who can he trust? Who is still human? And most importantly... Is he even human himself...? (pls excuse le lame blurb)


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"Come on! I'm telling you this is a bad idea!" I hissed, tightly gripping my mate's shoulder in a feeble attempt to get him to change his mind. But once Travis wants something, he does anything to make sure it happens, and our current situation is no different. "I'm going to ditch you and run." I hissed again in a low voice, feeling shivers run down my spine as we continued to make our way through the dimly-lit hallways. A rat appeared out of nowhere and scurried across my feet, causing me to let out a surprised yelp. Travis simply laughed as he playfully swung the lantern in his hands, casting ghostly shadows onto the previously white, but now yellow-stained walls on either side of us. "Screw you." I decided to give up on making him leave with me. "I'm going on my own then. Don't blame me if you come across a ghost."

He snorted in response without bothering to turn around and face me. "Yeah right! They don't even exist!" He laughed again before whistling a merry tune that contradicted our grim surroundings. I humphed and was about to start making my way towards the exit down at the far end of the hallway when I stopped hearing the sounds of his loud footsteps. Puzzled, I glanced at his back. "What's wrong? Why'd you stop? You see a ghost or something?" I added in the last question in an attempt to tease him as payback. Slowly, he turned his whole body around to me and nodded, his face all pale.

"Yes. Now RUN!"

My mouth opened wide in shock and it continued to stay that way, even as he suddenly burst out laughing. When I came to my senses again and realised what had happened, I furiously punched him in the stomach and stomped towards the exit again, fuming. How dare he make fun of me? To hell with him! Once again, I heard him shout out from metres behind, but I didn't stop. I knew he was just going to prank me a second time, and I was not falling for it.

"Help me, Nicholais!"

The urgency and panic in his voice sounded too real to be faked and I briefly glanced behind just to make sure. There, I was greeted by the strange scene of Travis cowering and trembling like crazy under the glowing, floating figure of a young woman, her face contorted into a horrifying expression.

"It's a ghost. A real-life ghost." Those words escaped my lips without me even realising as I stared at the spectre from afar, eyes fixed upon her like I was being drawn in and enchanted by the spectacular sight of it all. I was knocked out of my trance, however, as soon as my friend screamed again, and I blinked in confusion. What? What am I doing? Why am I just standing here doing nothing? I took a step forward and reached a hand out to him despite the fact there was a lengthy distance between the both of us.

I'm scared. It feels like her eyes are piercing into my soul. I'm going to die.

All of a sudden, the ghost stopped attacking Travis and shifted her attention towards me. He whimpered once like an injured dog and abruptly collapsed onto the floor, having passed out. I couldn't take my eyes off the ghost as she steadily made (or rather 'floated') her way over, and before long, she was already directly in front of me, her feet dangling above my splayed out limbs. Funny, I hadn't realised I'd fallen over as well.

This time, I really couldn't tear my eyes away, but that wasn't all. My head and the rest of my body were also unable to move, like I was paralysed. Without warning, her mouth opened wide and she let out a high-pitched scream; one that made my ears go numb and bleed. A headache pierced through my mind and once I could move again, I clutched my head with both hands and let out a painful scream of my own.

I'm going to die.

I'm going to die.

I'm going to die.

With those same words repeating within my thoughts, her hauntingly beautiful face was the last thing I saw before yet another numbing pain shot through my whole body and everything went black.

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