Ghost Keeper

Nicholais Krogh had always been a disbeliever of all things paranormal just like many others. But after his first accidental encounter with a ghost, everything seems to fall apart and nothing is like it seems anymore... Who can he trust? Who is still human? And most importantly... Is he even human himself...? (pls excuse le lame blurb)


1. Introduction


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In a world governed by science and logical thinking, it's only natural for

most people to be disbelievers of the paranormal.

Those who aren't, are shunned by society and labelled as 'imaginative'

and sometimes even 'crazy'.

But that all changed a decade ago, thanks to the discovery made by a

Von Keeper.

Ghosts have always been thought of as weak demons, unable to move on

to the afterlife because they're somehow tied to Earth, whether it's

because they have something they regret

or they want revenge.

That is only partly true.

Ghosts are indeed bound to Earth, but that's not all.

They are most certainly not like weak demons, as they too have the power

to possess people.

Those 'infected' by the ghosts are known as ghost keepers,

named after the famous Von Keeper, and continue to

live a normal life for a while, with the cursed

being still residing inside them.

That is, at least unless a certain event is triggered...


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