Adopted By The Janoskians

Becky and Laura are slaves in a place where they don’t belong, they were taken away from their families long ago, Becky is younger than Laura by 2 years, They have always been slaves but one day five boys come to ‘adopt’ and turn their world around.


2. Chapter 1


I was taken 9 years ago, from my mum and dad, I've been here ever since... 

Oh... Hi, I'm Becky, My name is Becky Casper, I'm 18 years old and I have no family left, they came here to find me and HE killed them... 

''REBECCA!!'' he yelled up the stairs, I slowly stood up and brushed my hand down my slave outfit, I walked to the top of the stairs, ''Y-Yes sir?'' I stuttered, ''GET DOWN HERE!!'' he yelled, I slowly walked down, ''Yes'' I said, SLAP!! I put my hand to my cheek, ''It's yes sir'' he spat, ''Y-Yes sir'' I whispered, holding back the tears, ''Meet the new helper'' he said pushing a taller girl infront of me, I looked up at her, ''you can show her the ropes'' he said, I glanced at her, ''You might want to get changed first'' I said, she nodded, we both walked back up the stairs and I sat on my bed, ''Yours is that bed'' I said pointing, ''That's rank'' she said, I giggled, ''Yep, this one aint much better'' I said, she smiled, ''I'm Laura'' she said, I smiled, ''I'm Becky'' I replied, ''Hey Becky, how old are you?'' she asked, ''Umm... 18'' I replied, ''What about you?'' I asked, ''I'm 20'' she whispered, ''So what happens here?'' she asked and started getting changed, ''Did you see the models when you came in?'' I asked, she nodded, ''HE sells them off and then gets more in'' ''Infact theres some guys coming tomorrow so that they can 'adopt' - so he calls it- them'' I told her, ''We have to get this house spotless by tomorrow'' I added, with this she sighed, ''I hate cleaning'' she moaned, ''Me too, I've been cleaning up after HIM for 9 years'' I told her, ''You got taken when you were 9'' she said in shock, I looked at her and nodded, ''Tomorrows my 19th birthday'' I told her, she smiled, ''Aww, happy birthday for tomorrow'' she said, I smiled, ''Thanks'' I whispered, ''REBECCA, LAURA'' HE yelled up the stairs, we walked down, ''Y-yes sir?'' I stuttered, ''Get cleaning!'' he yelled, we then walked into the kitchen and me and Laura got to work, I showed her what to do and she started doing it, we got the whole house cleaned in no time, usually it took about a day to clean, but that was when it was just me. We cooked tea and then walked back upstairs, we talked for a bit until we drifted off to sleep.

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