Mystery: USS West Virginia (Mystery Trilogy Book 1)

Detectives Amber Phoenix and Monica Phoenix, along with Amber's boyfriend Harley Dixon and Amber's partner Hunter Barsley set upon one of their most dangerous case yet.

1. One

I'll never get a chance to handle a real case, like scuba diving to search any sunken ships, our department doens't do that program anymore, I thought as I pulled my 2010 Green Ford Mustang Cobra into a parking spot at the local orphanage.

I begin asking the proprietor of the orphanage questions about what I'll need to adopt, but he just says that my boyfriend, Harley had already sent what was needed for their files. 

I nod, waiting patiently to meet a child, or two and for them to meet me. As I sit at one of the desks, my phone rings.

"Phoenix here, I'll be down that way in a second Sarge, I have some business to take care of.". 

"Ms. Phoenix, this is Sierra," the proprietor says, gesturing to the small blonde girl behind him. She's scared and her blonde hair is messy and long, but artfully pulled into a ponytail. 

I nod, watching them with a careful eye. Sierra watches me, like she knew something would happen. Everything stays silent for a really long time, that is until the proprietor clears his throat.

"Sierra, Ms. Phoenix is here to adopt you, would you like to let her know anything about you? Hm?".

Sierra, in a shakey voice says,"I like all country music, but I really love the song, 'The South', by The Cadillac Three. My favorite genre of movies is action.". 

I nod, a smile forming on my face. Sierra smiles to, just as if we'd had a mind melding session. The proprietor smiles as well, happy that another child is going to a safe and a good home.  Sierra asks, with a smile, "Can I call you Momma now?". All I can say is, "Yes." and "Please bring me the papers.".

After an hour, Sierra and I are on our way to the police station I work at, a huge smile on her small, heartshaped face. Her almond shaped, green colored eyes had the same eagerness that I saw in her smile.

I watch her smile become bigger as she looks around the bull pen area of the station. My partner, Hunter Barsley, looks at me, a grin forming across his face. Sierra hides behind me, a little fear evident in her eyes. 

In a hushed tone I tell her that Hunter won't bite. Sierra shyly smiles back, her confidence returning.

"This the little girl you said you were adopting, Phoenix," Hannah McPeake, better know around here by Sarge, asks.

"Yes ma'am," Sierra says, proudly, shaking Sarge's outstretched hand.

Sarge smiles, then a serious look comes across her face. Everyone in the area goes silent, awaiting orders. 

"Sierra, go with Hunter for right now, okay?".

"Okay, Momma.".

Sarge looks at the others, but she pulls me into her office, and then tells my to call Harley and to tell Hunter to come back in as well.

"Harley, hey, we need you to come in," I say in a hushed tone.

"What do you need, Sweetheart?".

"I have a feeling that Sarge is going to send us on a case.".

"What about, Sierra?".

"I guess we bring her and put Hunter on babysitting duty.".

"If we're going to Hawaii, I can see if Shelia can watch her.".

"Okay," is all I say after I see Sierra and Hunter walk through Sarge's office door. A few minutes later, Harley shows up iin a pair of ripped jeans, a faded green t-shirt and a pair of worn combat boots. Today his short blonde hair is spiked up and there's at least three shades of purple in it now. Harley smiles at Sierra as she hugs him, in return he smiles at me, greatfulness showing in his teal blue eyes.

"Are you my daddy," Sierra asks him.

Harley nods. The four of us turn and face Sarge when she reclears her throat. 

"Phoenix, Barsley, Dixon, I have a special task for you three.".

Hunter, Harley and I nod, my hands semi tightening their grip on Sierra's shoulders.

About thirty minutes pass before Sarge speaks. Hunter, Harley, Sierra and I try to keep our focus on Sarge.

"Phoenix, Barsley and Dixon, pack your bags.".

Harley, Hunter and I look at Sarge with confusion.

"Why do Momma and Daddy have to pack their bags," Sierra asks.

"Because they're going to work on a mystery," Sarge replies, handing Harley a trash bag of her eleven year old daughter;s clothes that she had out grown and donated to us after I called her about Sierra.

"What's the mystery," I ask, ushering Sierra out to the bull pen area so my twin sister can talk to her while Sarge talks to Harley, Hunter and myself.

"The mystery, you three, is to uncover some more information about the USS West Virginia. I hope you three are good scuba divers.".

Harley and Hunter head out of the office to get Sierra and talk to Monica, my twin. Sarge shuts the door, leaving just me and her in the office.

"Phoenix, I'm only saying this to you. Only you can take one extra squad member, because you know Hunter won't stay as your baby sitter.".

"Monica will come along, she'll be our base commander at the base.".

I watch out the window as Monica rolls up to Harley, Hunter and Sierra in her wheel chair. 

"I made one mistake on that mission and it cost my sister the ability to move her legs. I wish it was me that ended up paralyzed from the waist down instead of her," I say aloud, watching them.

"It's not your fault, Phoenix," Sarge says, then she opens the office door, calling,"Monica, can you come here please?".

I hear my sister tell Harley, Sierra and Hunter that she'll be back, then she wheels herself into Sarge's office.

"What can I do for you, Sarge?".

"Sis, we're going to need you on this," I tell her, kneeling next to her.

"What do you need Ber Ber," She asks.

"Base commander and baby sitter," I say gently, but bluntly.

Monica nods.

"What are we getting into, Amber?".

"A mystery," Sarge and I both say.

"What kind of mystery?".

I crack a smile, then I say, "We're investigating the underwater burial site and place of the USS West Virginia.".

We all smile as we head out of the station, on what could possibly be our greatest adventure.

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