The Neighbour [l.h]

Taylah goes over to meet her new neighbors, but she soon finds out that it's not who she quite expected.


4. Movies (with the boys)

Taylah's P.O.V:
I quickly through some things into the bathroom for when Luke comes over because I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to see my bras all over my floor. I change into some comfy clothes and wait for him to come.

I soon hear the door bell ring and run downstairs to answer it. I open it and see that there is not 1 but 4 boys standing there.

"They threatened to cut my nirvana top so they had to come," Luke says.

"Whatever, just come upstairs," I answer. 

I take Luke arm and drag him to my room, the other boys following.

They all walk into my room and gasp. It is black and white themed, with a photo wall that is painted black and has white framed photos hanging on it, motivational swimming quotes hanging everywhere and a black and white polka dot doona cover.

"Cool room," Michael says.

"Thanks," I answer.

"Well I brought movies so let's get started," Luke yells.

We set up my room and start watching movies. Michael and Ashton are on the floor while Calum, Luke and I are laying down on my bed. 

*Skips movies*

"The boys are asleep," Luke whispers to me. I feel a chill down my spine as I feel his hot breath on my ear. 

"So what do you want to do," I ask.

"Well I know we've only just met, but I think your really pretty Taylah and nice, you seem really cool and I want to ask you if you'll be my girlfriend," he says really fast.

"Are you, the Luke Hemmings, asking me to be your girlfriend," I ask.

"Yes," he answers blushing.

I think about it. What about all the paparazzi? And all the hate?!

"Well," Luke asks.

Cliffhanger anyone? Sorry if it's really bad. I got up at 4:20am and it is currently 5:29pm so I'm buggered. Anyway, new chapter soon I hope.

~Taylah xoxox

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