The Neighbour [l.h]

Taylah goes over to meet her new neighbors, but she soon finds out that it's not who she quite expected.


17. I can't tell her

Luke's P.O.V:

What do I tell her? How do I tell her? I can't. I just can't tell her right now. I don't know how she'll respond.

"It was just Mum asking if I could go around there for dinner tonight. I said I'll let her know," I say shakily. At least then I can ask the boys what to do.


Taylah's P.O.V:
I don't totally believe him. He sounded pretty angry when I was in the other room.

"Hey Luke?"

He turns around slowly, looking scared.

"Go see your Mum. Riley won't be home so I can just watch Netflix until you get back."

"Are you sure?" He asks.

I walk forward and put my arms around his neck. He puts his around my waist. 

"Positive," I answer then peck him on the lips. 

"Okay. Well I'm going to have a shower," he says before walking off.


What will Luke do?

~Taylah xx

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