Wrapped Around Your Finger (Michael Clifford)

Emily Hilt was just a girl that did hair and makeup in a small town. But she gets a job offer of a life time. To be the hair stylist for the band 5 Seconds of Summer. She meets the boys for the first time and immediately hits it off with them. But one of them felt a connection. And now, he's wrapped around her finger.


9. Chapter 9: Cuts

Chapter 9: Cuts

Emily POV

"Welcome to Jack N' the Box, how may I help you?"

"I want curly fries!"

"No! We're getting tacos!"

"Nuh uh, we're getting chicken!" I ignore all the orders that were being called at me. Instead, I turn toward the speaker box and say.

"Can you please give us a minute?"

"Sure, just tell me when you're ready." I smile then roll up the window.

"WOULD YOU ALL PLEASE SHUT UP." They all quickly shut their mouths as they look at me. I smile.

"Michael, what do you want?"


"How many?"


"Okay, Calum?" I think my calmness was freaking them out.

"Chicken sandwich with fires."

"Curly or regular?"

"Regular." I turn to Luke. He had fear in his eyes but I just smiled.


"HamburgerwithcurlyfriesandaDr.Pepper." He said it so fast that I barely caught it.

"What? A little slower this time."

"Hamburger with curly fries and a Dr. Pepper." I smile.

"Now, Ashton?"

"I'm fine. I'm not hungry." I furrow my eyebrows.

"Okay." I roll my window back down. "Okay we're ready. Thank you for waiting."

"No problem. What may I get you?"

"Um, can we have 10 regular tacos. A #4 and a #7, (I'm guessing with these numbers so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry!!) both with Dr. Peppers and 2 medium lemonades."

"Okay, your order will be displayed I the screen. Is everything correct?"


"Okay, pull up to the next window your total is $29.68." I drive up to the window and grab Michael's credit card.

"I'm just gonna use this." I say, and hand it I the lady as she swipes it and hands it back. I politely take it and give it back to Michael. He just playfully glares at me. I smile innocently as the girl hands us out drinks.

"Thank you." I say and pick my lemonade up and start to sip as I pull up to the next window. The guy behind the window was scrambling around trying to get our order ready. As I wait the sounds of sipping started to get annoying but I ignored it as I waited. Finally, he pulled the window open and handed me the food.

"Have a good day!"

"Thank you, you to!" I pulled away as the boys attacked the food except for Ash. I looked at him through the rear view mirror. He was looking at his phone, a frown pasted on his face. He looked up and I looked away.

"Keep my 5 tacos in there you hungry monsters." I joked as the boys hungrily grabbed their food. I drove out of the drive-thru and off to the buses. I look in the rear view mirror and something stood out. It was Ashton. He was looking down at his phone, his eyes glassy like he was about to cry. He must of felt me staring at him and looked up. I quickly looked away, parking next to the tour bus. Shifting the car in park I grab the bag of food and climb out of the car, the others following behind. Ash stayed behind, wandering around the parking lot, looking lost in thought. Michael tapped me on the shoulder.

"You coming?"

"In a minute. I'll catch up with you guys, I forgot something in the car." I smiled.

"Okay, hurry!" He runs off toward the door.

"I will!" I turned and faced Ashton. He looked as if he didn't notice I was there.

"Hey." I said. His head jerked up, looking at me.

"Hi." His eyes didn't hold the bubbly glow they once had. His features seemed tired too. Like he didn't want to do anything.

"Can I talk to you?" I asked, trying to sound serious.

"Umm sure." He shrugged and walked to the car, leaning against it.

"What's wrong?"


"And don't you give me that "I'm fine" bullshit either. Me and you both know there is something wrong." I said. He looked taken back, but only for a second. He sighed.

"Fine. There is something wrong."

"Well..... What is it?"

"I've been on Twitter lately... And there's so much hate. So much hate, Emily. And I've heard the same things over and over again. They even started a hashtag..." He took a deep breath, his eyes glass over.

"What was the hashtag?" He bites his lip. "Ashton. What was the hashtag."

"I don't remember it exactly but it said something about how I should start cutting again...." A wave a realization came over me. I started to shake my head.

"No Ashton. Please tell me you didn't....." He looked down. I cover my mouth. The tears started to fall from his face. I slowly grabbed his arm and moved the bracelets up. There on his skin were bright red lines, in a zig zag pattern. There weren't too many, only about 10. I grabbed his other arm and did the same thing. I got the same results. My tears were now sliding down my cheeks.

"Ashton..." He looked up, tear stains covering his sadden face. "You're amazing. You are the sweetest, most caring person I know. Don't let what those stupid naive teenagers get to you. Okay?" He nodded, wiping the tears. I sighed and pulled him into a much needed hug. He relaxed in my arms and hugged me tighter while snuggling into my neck. I pulled away only to get pulled back in. It was great, Ashton really needed this. That is, until the tour bus door slammed shut, followed by a chain of cussing from one and only guy.


Hey guys! Um, i am soo so so so sorry for not updating in like a month!!! I've just had so much stuff to juggle, plus like 5 more FanFics on this website Quotev I have to update. So, yeah. I love you guys so much! And thank you for being so patient!


Cecelia Xx

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