Wrapped Around Your Finger (Michael Clifford)

Emily Hilt was just a girl that did hair and makeup in a small town. But she gets a job offer of a life time. To be the hair stylist for the band 5 Seconds of Summer. She meets the boys for the first time and immediately hits it off with them. But one of them felt a connection. And now, he's wrapped around her finger.


8. Chapter 8: The Studio

Chapter 8: The Studio

Emily POV

3:30 rolled around too fast. Way too fast. After my whole embarrassing scene, we headed down to the meri-go-round and spun until Cal had To go over to a trash can and throw up. I cringed, feeling sorry for the poor guy. Then we walked around for a little bit, the guys being spot a couple of times but that's it. When we weren't in plain sight, Michael would hold my hand. And I would smile from ear to ear. I couldn't help it. But then, 3:30 rolled around and I got a call from Paul. We had to head back. Now, we're on our way to the bus. My mind was clear. Rid of those images. Even though they were still in the back of my mind, I didn't think of them every 5 seconds. I'm so grateful I have these boys.

"What time is it?" Calum asked, looking at me. I unlock my phone. The screen read 3:15.

"3:15, we have plenty of time. We'll be there in time." Cal giggled.

"Ok. Where are we at?"

"Umm, about 10 minutes from the bus. The next city we're going to St. Louis next." My phone rings and I answer it.



"Yeah.... Who's this?" I ask, uncertain.

"It's your mother!"

"Oh my god! How's Australia?"

"Amazing, as always. So, I hear you're on tour?" I giggled.

"Yes, I am."

"Ah, no sex."

"Oi! Mum!"

"Sorry sorry, I just had to say it." She laughs.


"So, I just wanted to say hi, see how you were doing."

"Ok, mum. I love you!"

"I love you too. Bye!"

"Bye." I hang up, and look at the boys. They were all staring at me intensely.

"What?" I ask.

"You just had an Australian accent?" Michael said. I giggle.

"Yeah, sorry. I do that when I speak to my mum. It happens automatically. I don't know why." I shrug.

"That's cool." He leans in my ear. "And cute." He whispers. I blush and giggle.

"We're home!" Calum yells and runs to the bus. He hugs it's side and kisses it.

"I love you, Gus. I'll never let you go. My baby." I burst out laughing, doubling over. I clutch my stomach as I began to snort, not caring that Mikey, Ash, Luke, and Cal all were looking at me. I take a deep breath and calm myself.

"Wow. You snort aggressively." Luke says.

"Why thank you." I said, bowing. We go inside the bus and see Paul and Eric.

"Eric! How's your wife? She still have the red hair?" I ask.

"Yup. Absolutely loves it!" I giggle.

"Awesome! Tell her I said hi."

"Will do."

"Wait- I'm not even gonna ask." Ash says, confused. I giggle.

"Ok, we need to get into the studio to record some songs. Emily you're more then welcome to join us?" Paul says.

"Sure! I'll gladly join." I said, running to my bunk to grab my sweater. We then headed out to the studio.

~At the studio~

"Ok, Michael. Let's start from the top. I'm ready when you are." Their producer said. I think they said his name was Chris?

"Throwing rocks at your window,

At midnight.

You met me in your backyard,

That night.

In the moonlight,

You look just like,

An Angel in disguise.

My whole life seemed like a postcard." Chris pressed a button and Mike stopped singing.

"Amazing Michael! Quieter breaths, though." I butted in.

"I thought it was flawless. The breaths add something to it. Keep them." I said, quietly. But, he heard me an got angry.

"Well, fine. We can keep them in. But, just so you can know, I'm the producer, not the tiny girl who knows nothing about the music industry. And probably has a 9th grade education." I shrunk back in my sit.

"I'm sorry." I whisper, and look down at my hands.

"Hmp." He says. Then he turned.

"Ok, that was good. You can come out now." He nods and walks out looking perfect.

"You guys can go, we're done for today." I nod, and stand up, following Michael out the door. Once we were out of hearing range he turns to me.

"What did he say back there?"

"N-Nothing. It was nothing." I said, slightly smiling.

"It was something. What did he say?"

"I just suggested that he should keep the breaths because they add something. And he says how I know nothing about the music industry and that I have an education of 9th grader." I said, sniffling. His fists ball up and he turns right around and stomps into the studio. I went to go after him but decided against it. I sigh, and stand there, looking around the parking lot. We were going to the other studios so we could pick up the other guys. The studio they're in are across the parking lot.

The doors bang open and I jump, turning around. Michael was walking out of the studio with a angered look on his face. I smile slightly, and he looks at me. His face softens.

"What'd you say?"

"I told him to never speak to you like that again and to respect you. You're apart of 5 Seconds of Summer as much as the rest of us." I hug him.

"Thank you." He chuckles and hugs me back.

"Now, we need to find the other boys. Let's go." I nod and start to walk.

~Skip walking~

It took us 30 minutes to find the boys. Ashton texted Mikey the wrong directions. We ended up in a mini café thing. Then he texted the right directions and we finally found them. That's where we are now. All of the boys are in the studio, doing the chorus of the song Mikey did. I didn't know the title, I never bothered to ask.

"You were mine for a night,

I was out of my mind,

You were mine for a night,

I don't know how to say goodbye.

Making all our plans in the Santa Cruz sand that night,

Thought I had you in the palm of my hand that night,

Screaming at the top of my lungs til my chest felt tight,

I told myself that I'm never gonna be alright.

You had me wrapped around your finger.

I'm wrapped around your finger,

I'm wrapped around your finger,

I'm wrapped around your finger,

I'm wrapped around your finger,

I'm wrapped around your finger,

I'm wrapped around your finger,

I'm wrapped around your finger."

I clap, they did amazing! They step out of the studio and I give them each a hug.

"That was awesome!!" I shouted. They all chuckled at my enthusiasm.

"Thank you." Calum said, smiling.

"What song was that?" I asked.

"Wrapped Around Your Finger. Michael wrote it."(I don't know if that's true. But let's just go along with it😉) I giggled.

"It's an amazing song." I said.

"Thanks. Can we get some food? I'm starving!" Luke said.

"Sure, where?" I said, grabbing my keys and phone off the table. I drove then here using Paul's car. Yes, I have my drivers license.


"Taco Bell!"

"Jack 'n' the Box!"

"Sonic!" I giggle.

"Ok, since I'm driving, we're going to Jack 'n' the Box." I said, swinging my keys. Calum cheers and the rest groan.

"Sorry, it's my fav. Leggo!" We all pile in the car and I start the ignition. This is gonna be fun.

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