Wrapped Around Your Finger (Michael Clifford)

Emily Hilt was just a girl that did hair and makeup in a small town. But she gets a job offer of a life time. To be the hair stylist for the band 5 Seconds of Summer. She meets the boys for the first time and immediately hits it off with them. But one of them felt a connection. And now, he's wrapped around her finger.


6. Chapter 6: Nightmares

Chapter 6: Nightmares

Emily POV

Fog clouds my vision as I stumbled through the gray that surrounded me. Finally finding light, I call out, but my mouth can't seem to form words. It's like I'm paralyzed. Then, I see Michael. I reach out to touch him, but go through him. He turns and smiles. I smile back, but he starts to walk. He heads to something behind me. I turn around slowly, but just in time to see it. Michael hugging a girl. She looked so pretty, so much more beautiful then me. Her emerald green eyes sparkled as soon as she saw Michael, her gorgeous wavy brown curls bounce as she embraced Michael. He hugged he like it was the last time he would see her. She let a tear fall, but quickly wiped it like she didn't want him o see. She smiled lightly and sniffled. he just shook his head and hugged her once again. His shoulders heaved up and down, as if he was crying. She finally let the tears flow, running own her face. She let out a sob, and Michael looked up. The girl just shook her head, and Michael leaned in. They kissed, but oddly enough I didn't feel jealous. They separated, and just stood there. Their foreheads were touching each others. Then, the girl backed up and started to walk away. When she disappeared in the fog, Michael collapses. He sobs. Then, looks up and right at me.

"Why'd you leave me? I said I love you, so why?"

I sit straight up, gasping for air. I was sweating, breathing heavily. What the hell was that?

So many different emotions were running through my body at the same time. I look around, but see Michael nowhere. I slowly get out of the bunk, looking for anybody. No one. I walk to the front of the bus and see Paul. His head was on the dash board.

"Paul?" I called. No response. I gently pushed his shoulder and his head rolls back. I jump back and scream. "No!!" His face was gone, it was nothing but meat and blood. I sob, and walk away backwards. But fall on the floor. I tripped on something. Getting up, I turn around to see what it was. I scream, louder this time. It was Luke. He had one single bullet wound in his chest. A single trail of blood ran out of his mouth. I covered my mouth to compress more sobs. I shake my head.

"No this... This isn't happening. It can't be." I whisper. I move toward the back room. I check the bunks first though. All clear but the last one. I slowly pull it back but jump. It was Calum. He had about 10 wounds. All in his torso area. It looked like stab wounds. Tears streamed down my face by this point. The pain was building up. All of the emotions were coming to the surface. I walk on, shaking uncontrollably. I go into the bathroom, and just break down. It was Ashton. He was propped up against the wall, eyes closed. His face was red/blue and his neck was bright red. Someone strangled him. I couldn't take it anymore I screamed.

"What kind of sick Person would do this?!?" I screamed. "Goddamnit!" I let out a loud scream, and grabbed my hair. I got up off the floor, and went to the last room. I struggled to open the door but finally did. I immediately covered my mouth.

"M-michael?" I whispered, even though he couldn't hear me. A body on the floor was in the fettle position, blood surrounding it. I let out a cry, falling to the ground. I grabbed the body, flipping it over. My tears ran on his face.

"No no no no no.... NO!!" I yelled. It was Michael. His stomch was cut open, and...... Yeah I think you get the picture. I hugged his body to mine. "Please.... No...." I whispered, searching for a sign of life. Nothing...... I shook my head, my hands covered in blood.

"No!! WHAT KIND OF SICK FUCKING PERSON DOES THIS?!" I collapsed on the floor, and let out the loudest scream I could.

"Emily?? EMILY?! Wake up!" I sit straight up, tears running down my face. I breathe in deeply. I hug him, embracing his warmth. I started to hyperventilate.

"Please don't ever leave me. Please." I whimper.

"No, never would I leave you." He replied. I couldn't even smile, the images clouding my mind. I just cried, while holding him. He held me just as tight."Do you want to talk about it?" I shake me head, trying to control my breathing. "Shhhhh everything's ok, you're fine. I'm fine. Everyone's fine. I promise." I calm down, controlling my breathing a little better.

"C-can we get something to eat? I wanna see everyone." I said, wanting to be grateful for everything I have.

"Yeah, sure. Anything you want." Michael said, getting out of the bunk, helping me also. I walk in front of him, my legs shaking. Luke and Calum were in the kitchen area.

"Hey there are the lovebirds." Calum smirked, but then looked at me. He stopped smiling. "Em, what wrong?" I hugged him, as tight as I could.

"I love you guys so much. You're all like my brothers, except Michael." I whispered. "Don't ever forget that." He nods, and I pull away, and do the exact same with Luke. "Where's Ashton?" I ask.

"He's in the back room." Luke said, I nod and start to head back there.

"I'm gonna let you go in there by yourself. Is that ok?" Michael asked gently. I nod.

"Y-yeah." He walks over to the other 2, most likely explaining why I'm acting like this. I walk in the back room. Ashton was sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"What's up, E- Woah what's wrong?" He asked, standing up. I hug him like I did with the others. The tears start again.

"I love you so much, Ash. You're like a big brother to me, I never wanna lose you. Please always remember that. I love you so much." I whisper. He tightens his grip on me, and I do the same thing.

"I love you too, Emily. If you dont mind me asking, where did this all come from?"

"I-I had 2 dreams. One within the other. The 2nd was a nightmare. Someone had ki-killed everyone." I images flashed through my mind. I shake my head, not able to go any further. Ash hugs me again, and rubs my back.

"It's ok now. Everyone's alive." He comforts me. I nod."I know. It just felt so real." I whisper. He nods. "Let's go back to the other guys. Ok?" I nod. He lets go of me and we go to the kitchen area. When I see Michael, I immediately go to him. He takes my hand, rubbing circles in the back my hand.

Are you ok, Emily?" Calum asked. I nod my head.

"Y-Yeah, I'm f-fine." I stutter. He nods hesitantly. "Can we do something, I want to get my mind off this." I asked. Michael nodded.

"Of course, what do you want to do?"

"U-um, I don't know. How about a walk or something?" I suggest. "Is there a park nearby?"

"Yeah, I think so. C'moon let's go." Michael said, taking my hand in his. We walk out of the bus, the others following behind.

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