Wrapped Around Your Finger (Michael Clifford)

Emily Hilt was just a girl that did hair and makeup in a small town. But she gets a job offer of a life time. To be the hair stylist for the band 5 Seconds of Summer. She meets the boys for the first time and immediately hits it off with them. But one of them felt a connection. And now, he's wrapped around her finger.


5. Chapter 5: In Each Others Arms

Chapter 5: In Each Others Arms

Emily POV

A ray of light shone directly in my eyes, making me wake up and cover my eyes. I look around and see my curtain drawn back. What the hell? I climb out, and look around. There's no one in sight, and it's quiet. Unusually quiet. I slowly walk to the kitchen area. No one. I walk to the bathroom. No one. I walk to the front of the bus. No one. We've stopped, and I could see One Direction's bus. I get off, and realize we're at a little gas station. I walk to the other bus, and open the door. I was about to step on when something got in my way.

"BOO!" Someone yells. I scream and punch them in the face. The figure doubles over, covering their face. I'm breathing heavy.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I screech. The now groaning figure looks up and I realize it's Michael. I cover my mouth to stifle my laugh. Calum came laughing out of the gas station.

"Dude, I told you it was a bad idea!" Calum called across the small parking lot. Michael grunted in reply. I uncovered my mouth.

"Oh my god, are you ok?" I asked. He just nodded, and headed toward the bus. I followed behind Michael and Calum. We climb in the bus, and Michael goes to the bathroom. Probably to check his eye. Calum puts down what looks like Skittles, and turns to me. Then he starts to double over in laughter.

"Oh my god, what you did to Michael was hilarious!" He says in between breaths.

"No it wasn't! I thought I really hurt him! Now he's probably mad as hell at me. I hope he's not." I said. And it was true.

Michael POV

~A few minutes later~

"I'm gonna get some candy. Keep looking! Oh, and I think Emily's up. Don't scare her." Calum said, as he exited the bus. He lost his headphones, and we were looking for them while everyone else was either getting something to drink or something to eat. I continued to look until I looked up and saw Emily walking toward the bus. I quickly went to the door, and made myself not noticeable. She opens the door, and jump out.

"BOO!" I yell. She shrieks. I start to laugh but her fist collides with my face. I step back and grab my eye. It hurt like hell.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" She yells. Then I hear it. Her muffled laughs. I am so outraged. I don't even know why. Then Calum comes out and starts laughing.

"Dude, I told you it was a bad idea!" He yells. I just groan in pain.

"Oh my god,are you ok?" Emily asks. I just nod, not trusting my mouth. We start toward the tour bus, and walk on. Luke and Ashton haven't returned. I head straight to the bathroom to get a look of my eye. I keep the door open so I can hear them.

"Oh my god, what you did to Michael was hilarious!" Calum said, then started to laugh all over again.

"No it wasn't! I thought I really hurt him! Now he's probably mad as hell at me. I hope he's not." Emily said. For some reason that made me not mad. It made me relax. I looked at the mirror and saw swelling. Yeah, I'm gonna have a black eye. I sigh and head to my bunk. Luke and Ashton came on the bus and went to the back room. Calum followed, and I don't know where Emily went. I closed my eyes and got comfortable. A little nap wouldn't hurt right?

~10 minutes later~

I was so close to falling asleep. Until Emily came along. She drew back my curtain, and climbed into my bunk. Then, she wrapped her hands around my waist, and snuggled into my back.

"I'm sorry." She said. I chuckled.

"You're forgiven." I said. I could feel her smile. I turned around and wrapped my hands around her waist. She smiled and looked at me. I smiled back. Then she gasped.

"I did this to you?" She asked. I nodded, and she ran her hand over my eye. I winced, and she immediately pulls her hand back. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know I was that strong." She says. I just chuckled.

"It's ok. I shouldn't have scared you." I replied. She smiled, and nuzzled her head into my chest. I just smiled, and pulled her closer. We feel asleep.

Together, in each other's arms.

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