Wrapped Around Your Finger (Michael Clifford)

Emily Hilt was just a girl that did hair and makeup in a small town. But she gets a job offer of a life time. To be the hair stylist for the band 5 Seconds of Summer. She meets the boys for the first time and immediately hits it off with them. But one of them felt a connection. And now, he's wrapped around her finger.


4. Chapter 4: Confessing

Chapter 4: Confessing

Emily POV

"Done!" I yell, and spin Louis's chair around to face the other guys. I copied Louis's old look. So it looked a little like this.

"Whoa, are we going old school?" Harry asked. I giggled.

'Nope, it's just the only hairstyle I know that you guys had. So I'll just bring the fans the old you. I personally like your old hair." I said.

"Wait, so you lied?" Liam asked.

"Yup, I did. Oh well. Harry you're next." I said. He got up and walked over to me. I got to work on the massive curls.

~30 minutes later~

"Ok, guys, you're ready. Don't mess it up!" I warned. They nodded, and jogged out of the room. I started to quietly sing as I put away my supplies. They were nice, I could see them as a brother figure to me, especially Louis. Without realizing it I sang louder. Oh well, the door's closed so no one will hear me. Plus I sound like a dying cat when I sing. I was singing Shower.

"You light me up inside,

Like the 4th of July,

Whenever you're around,

I always seem to smile,

And people ask me how,

Well you're the reason why I'm,

Dancing in the mirror,

Singing in the shower."

I was dancing along to. Until someone started to sing the next part.

"La da dee,

La da daa,

La da daa,

Singing in the shower,

There ain't no guarantee,

But I'll take a chance on we,

Baby let's take our time,

And when times get rough,

There ain't no giving up,

Cause it just feels so right."

I turn around to see Michael standing there singing. His voice is just so amazing. He looks at me, waiting for me to sing with him. I sigh, and give in.

"Don't care what others say,

If I got you I'm stray,

You bring my heart to length, Yeah,

You light me up inside,

Like the 4th of July,

Whenever you're around,

I always seem to smile,

And people ask me how,

Well you're the reason why I'm,

Dancing in the mirror,

Singing in the shower."

We sang together. I gigged when he stopped, and walked toward him.

"You're really good." I told him, then laughed. "That sounded wrong." He chuckled.

"Well, you're good, too." He smirked, while I giggled.

"Why, thank you Mr. Clifford." He laughed, then looked me in the eyes. It was like earlier. Then, he started to lean. I did too, then the memory of this morning popped in my head.

"It was nothing. I felt nothing. I was just caught in the moment. It meant nothing to me."

But, I just pushed it aside, and leaned in. Somehow it felt right. Then, our lips collided. We moved in sync, and it sent the best feeling in the world through my body. It was like I was floating in air, without a care in the world. I brought my hands in his hair, and tangled them up, slightly tugging on ends. Earning groans from Michael. He traveled his hands up and down my body, sending sparks on every piece of skin he touched. I didn't want it to stop. Until Ashton interrupted us.

"Hey, we ne- Whoa, sorry." He said, covering his eyes. I pulled away, and covered my face with my hands, not wanting them to see how red my face is. Michael groaned. "Sorry, but we need to head back to the bus." Ash said. Me and Michael nodded, and followed Ash to the bus. Not one of us said a word. As we walked, an awkward tension filled the air. Ashton would occasionally look back, seeing if we were kissing. We reached the bus, and walked on. Calum was in his bunk, and Luke was lazily sitting on the couch in the back room. I climbed into my bunk, and closed the curtain. Then, closed my eyes. My curtain slightly opened but I didn't open my eyes, thinking it was the wind. Then, Ash and Michael started to whisper. I could hear every word.

'Dude, what was that?!" Ash asked.

"What was what?" Michael asked.

"The whole kissing thing with Emily!"

"Shh, sh's right there!"

"She's sleeping, I checked. Soo?" Ash said. So that's what that was.

"I was..... Um...."

"Dude, you like her don't you?" Ashton confronted. I liked Michael, but there was no way Mike liked me. No one liked me.

"No!" Mike shouted.

"Shhh she's sleeping!" Ashton whisper-shouted. I giggled without thinking, causing Michael and Ashton to stop talking. I rolled over on my side, so my back was facing the curtain. As I predicted, Ashton opened my curtain. I acted like I was sleeping, and he pulled it back. "Soo?"

"Fine! Yes, I like her, ok? Are you happy?!" He said. I was stunned. He liked me?

"Awwww young love." Ash said, then walked away. Michael sighed.

"I don't like her." Mike whispered. My heart fell right out of my chest. Then he said something that almost made me scream with happiness.

"I love her."

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