Remember me?

Luke and dani are best friends but every thing changes when he has to move away from her... (Trigger warning)


4. moving truck

This morning I finally woke up at noon and suddenly remember luke is coming home! I'm so excited. It's been five while years and now I have to see if he remembers me.


Luke's pov

LUKE WAKE UP WERE HERE AT THE HOUSE YOU CAN SEE UR GIRLFRIEND NOW!!! Michael was screaming at the top of his lungs. Michael shut up she's not my girlfriend we are just really close friends . Hahaha what ever was all he said I finally got up and out of the truck realizing my house looks new to me even tho I've lived in it my whole life.


Danis pov

I hear a truck pull up into the hemmings house I'm a little nervous if he remembers me or not. I look out my window and I see three guys get out of the truck but not one of them looks like luke. The one with the red hair screamed something but I couldn't under stand it it was to muffled I then saw a tall blonde boy with a beanie and sweat pants get out if the truck. I knew it had to be him kuz I haven't seen the other ones before in my life.


Luke's pov

I'm finally back home I wonder if dani knows yet I guess I will go and see her later tonight.

danis pov

I better hurry up and get ready if I want to see luke I go take a shower and brush my teeth I go to my wardrobe and pick out a summer dress and some white vans. I yell at my mom I will be back im going over to lukes house ok sweetie have fun was all she yelled. I walked out of my house and up  to their house my heart was beating so fast that I thought it was gonna run out of my body oh im so scared why don't we do this later no dani don't be a chicken just go over there and talk to them oh great they must think im a crazy person kuz they all just stopped and started to stare at me.   Dani? was all that I heard.

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