Remember me?

Luke and dani are best friends but every thing changes when he has to move away from her... (Trigger warning)


5. lukes house

Dani? was all I heard then I froze I realized it was the blonde one that said it l-Luke? was all I could say then it was silence.


lukes pov

dani? l-Luke was all we said then Michael being the dork he is broke the silence saying awe its lukeys little girl friend I started blushing and hit Michaels arm saying shut up dude she not my girlfriend. Michael went up to her she looked a little scared of him all he said was hi im Michael I never noticed that she was this shy  she just smiled and quietly said hi Michael she use to be so loud and out going and now she's super quiet and freaks out when someone talks to her its weird.

Michaels pov

wow dani was so pretty but she obviously liked Luke because they have known each other and she just met me but still I could have my chances. I walk over to Luke and tell him she's right there go talk to her just because you haven't seen her in five years and have had no contact with her what so ever its not like you are strangers or anything we are but we could be close as strangers Luke now hurry up and go talk to her before I go and take her. fine was all he said.

lukes pov

uh hey dani can I talk to you for a minute uh in private? uh yea sure.

danis pov

ugh I wonder what he wants to talk about he makes me so nervous now I use to not ever be this nervous but now I don't know what's going on I feel like I don't know him any more.

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