Remember me?

Luke and dani are best friends but every thing changes when he has to move away from her... (Trigger warning)


2. life without luke

ever since the day luke left I had to make new friends and it wasnt easy kuz nobody really liked me because they thought I was an outcast car crash because my best friend was a guy and we didn't leave each others side everybody always thought we were hooking up or something. ok so moving on I finally met my best friend her names Bridget she was new and I had every class with her. she has black hair with blonde high lights shes pretty cool she is not the shy type she is loud and wild she doesn't care what people think so we are inseparable.


( at school )


hey bridget

hey dani

did you hear anything about luke

no I wish I would hear something already I miss him so much I just wonder if he ever thinks of me or anything

im sure he thinks about you all of the time me too I just wish that we can see each other again someday but I bet its not gonna happen its been five years already. 

lukes pov

ugh I cant stop playing that memory of me and dani saying good bye I know I promised that we would be together forever and that I wouldn't leave her side but now here I am thousands of miles away from my best friend. I have made new friends and all but nothing compares to what we had it was special she was like a sister to me besides I have three new best friends. Calum,Michael,and ashton there pretty cool. I don't even think dani remembers me anyways but the cool thing is that we never sold our house in Australia so me and the boys are moving back!!!


danis pov

ugh mom why are we getting new neighbors I thought the hemmings didn't sell there house when they moved to America

heres the thing dani please don't freak ou ton me or any thing but luke is moving back here she said. I just stood there with my mouth open I couldn't believe what I just heard all I could say is when? she said tomorrow I almost fainted TOMORROW?!?! yes dani tomorrow you will finally get to see him again I kno wits been five years and you guys haven't made any contact but I don't want it to be awkward for you two.

lukes pov

todays the day I get to move back I cant wait to see her but I wonder what she will think when im living with three boys that are complete dorks especially Michael and Ashton they are pretty loud and crazy calum is more laid  back and things like that but they are all really cool.

we leave the hotel at around 4 in the morning kuz its a long plane ride to Australia again. I finally fell asleep to sleeping with sirens playing threw my head phones and i was woken up by Michael yelling GET UP LUKE WERE HERE WE CAN FINALLY MEET YOUR GIRLFRIEND for the last time mickey shes not my girlfriend ok what ever you say lover boy.

today is the day i finally get to see my best friend.










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