Remember me?

Luke and dani are best friends but every thing changes when he has to move away from her... (Trigger warning)


1. the move

*beep* *beep* *beep* DANI wake up it's time for school yelled my mom. UGH MOM FIVE MORE MINUTES fine but u better be up and ready. I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to go take a shower. Oh I almost forgot I'm Danielle Jacobs but every body calls me dani I am 18 years old I have blonde hair with pink dip dyed tips. After my shower I put on my makeup and went to my wardrobe. I got my Mickey Mouse crop top with white pants and white vans. I go down stairs and my moms has already left for work she has to be there early I don't know why. Where's my dad you may ask to answer that question I don't know where he is he left us when I was 2 years old but my mom and I have been doing just fine without him. School starts at 8 and its 7:30 now so I have to get going kuz I live ten minutes from here. I dread going to school not only because of the jerks that are at school it's because my best friend luke hemmings left me and moved to America 5 years ago I haven't talked or seen him since the day he left me and its left me heart broken since then. * flash back* hey dani wanna come over and watch movies or something hey luke yea I would love to. Ok meet me over here in 10 minutes ok see you then. I walk over to his house kuz he only lives five houses down from me. I get there I don't even bother knocking kuz he knows it's me HEY LUKE. I shouted he didn't answer back so I look through his house then finally I go upstairs to see if he's there and sure enough he's there in his bed asleep. I walk over to him and shake him hey Luke wake up he didn't so I decide that I was gonna jump on his bed I did just that and he woke up all mad at me DANI WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK UR DOING?!?!? Oh you know sky diving. He muttered something under his breath but I couldn't understand it tho. It became quiet so I decided to break the silence soooo what do u wanna do now? Oh umm I guess we can watch a movie now ok. But first dani I have to tell you something. Ok? Uh this is kinda hard for me to say but here it goes immovingtoamericawithmymumnextweek what?!? I said I'm moving to America with my mum next week. My eyes started to water up kuz he's my only best friend i didn't really have any other friends kuz it was always me and him we both started crying. Oh Luke I'm gonna miss you so much me to dani. We spent every day together till he had to move that day we cried our eyes out we hugged for what seemed like the longest time in history then he had to go I cried and cried for the next month kuz I missed him so much and now I'm eighteen and that was 5 years ago and I still miss him so much. *end of flash back* I finally made it to school it seemed like it was hours to get there I was not looking forward to today.

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