my best friend l.h

Zoe and Luke have been friends for a long time? do they like each other or does Zoe have felling's for someone else in the band?


2. two


“ well………. i have liked him since we were 13 so for about 4 years know.” then calum was speechless he just keep on struttin like he did not know at all but then he said “ that is as long as luke to omg you to need to date right now like now.” “ i don't know calum i don't think he likes me as much as i like him.” “ luke does like you like that.”



I went up stairs to calum for band practice so i knew he went to zoe’s room so i was outside the door when i heard zoe say “ i don't know calum i don't know if he likes me as much as i like his.” then calum said “ luke does like you like that.” i thought she did not like me at all this is so cool but how do i ask her out cause calum said i can already so i don't know what to do. So i walked into her room quietly and calum saw me and he said he had to go so i stayed in there and i tripped on her bed making me fall on her. “ owwww luke get off of me now.” when she said that i saw my penguin and took it and ran away hearing her get up and running down the stairs like a crazy person who just won the lottery. When i saw the boys i heard a loud thud on the stairs and thats when i stuffed the penguin down my  pants and ran away.



While was running after luke i fell on the stairs and no one came and helped me so i just sat there till i saw luke run away with the penguin in his pants.I ran up to luke and grabbed the penguin out of his pants, “Hey what do you think you're doing?” luke said with a light tone “Grabbing the penguin i stole from you a while back so ha i got it now.” I ran upstairs as fast as i could till i fell on my bed in my room then all i heard was a light knock on the door which means it was luke at the door because he is the only one that knocks on the door. “what do you want luke?” “my penguin and a kiss maybe or no its up to you if you want one?” “just come in luke and what if i do want a kiss from you?” “YOU DO i mean um….. sure.” So luke came in and i pushed him up against the wall and just stood there teasing him till some one opened the door and hit luke into me and we had our first KISS ever it was awesome.



Zoe was just standing there teasing me and i have to say i got a pretty big boner even if she was just teasing and then michael or calum opened the door and pushed me into zoe and we kissed hopeful she did not feel my boner or that would be bad. Who ever opened is a life saver i love them.



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