my best friend l.h

Zoe and Luke have been friends for a long time? do they like each other or does Zoe have felling's for someone else in the band?


6. six




So when Luke asked me out i kinda knew he would i just didn't know when but he said the boys can't know yet. so Luke left and that was when Calum came home crying. I ran up to him and hugged him but he pushed me away saying it hurts. I had no clue what he was talking about so i just followed him inside to find out but instead i just call Allison.


“hey Allison.”


“what do you want.”


“why is Calum crying i know you did something.”


“well you see Zoe he is sad because i'm fucking his best friend which he is way cuter than him and f.y.i he is also your boyfriend so i guess you are single now and he is mine.”


“What Luke would never do that all he did was just leave my house and go to his because he was tired and his house is next door and his car is there.”


“ Have you asked his mom because when he got there i took him and tied him up in the back of my car.”


“Well i don’t know just leave me alone Allison and you can have him to.”


When i hung up i was in a pool of my own tears but i didn't believe her so i went to talk to Calum. I walked into his room with a blade about to cut.

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