my best friend l.h

Zoe and Luke have been friends for a long time? do they like each other or does Zoe have felling's for someone else in the band?


7. seven






When i saw calum i ran and grabbed the blade from him and ran to the bathroom following me screaming “NOOO i want to feel the pain because she hurt me so bad and with my best friend so i need it now.” “no calum don’t you think she hurt me to he was my boyfriend and i will never talk to him ever so let me flush this down the toilet so you can never have the scars like i do you don't need them your in a band that is hitting off so you  are good just go punch your wall or something not this ok.” “ok i guess and you have scars from it?” “ well yeah there just on my wrist but i wear bracelets or i put makeup over it just to cover it up.” so when i  told calum he looked at me and started to cry i don't know why but he grabbed my wrist but i had makeup over them so he got a wet cloth and wiped my arm but he didn't know that it went all the way up my arm but he found out about it and just started to kiss every one of them and telling me it is ok to cry if i needed to so i decided to tell him every cut’s story.

P.S if you read this chapter and if you do cut i just wanted to say you're perfect the way you are cutting is not the way to handle it and just to let you know i don't know really any of you  but i love you  all so yeah i hope you like it. leave a comment on how it is



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