my best friend l.h

Zoe and Luke have been friends for a long time? do they like each other or does Zoe have felling's for someone else in the band?


4. four



I decided to go on youtube to find the video Zoe posted. When i saw it, it already had over 10,000 likes on it and over 5,000 comments on it. So with that i went to show the boys what zoe did for us. I went upstairs to find michael with zoe on his shoulder with her screaming loud as she can how did i not hear this earlier. I went back to her room to see what was going on, “What the hell is going on!!!” i screamed into the  room everybody stopped to look at me “Ummmmmmm…………….nothing” Zoe said  so I went back downstairs, Well that was weird.


(week later at school)


I went to go find allison and i found her by calums locker talking and amber (bitch of school) came up to calum and talked to him and allison got so jealous of her. so i went to go talk to allison and amber just poured a drink on her head. “ sorry it was a acidente i didn't mean to that was meant for for calum to drink but you got in the way like you always do so bye bitches.” “ I swear i'm going to kill her she even touched my man and he is the property of me not her!!!!” “calm down babe it’s not that bad.” “yes it is calum and if you don't think it is then we are over because this is just wrong that you think that you know what go ahead and date that bitch and never talk to me again were over and zoe don't talk to me either because your brother is a backstabbing bitch so bye man horror.” I have no clue what happened here i just losted my best friend and my brother doesn't care that he lost her. I need to go home i can't deal with this at all i need my best friend back. you know what the next thing i see is calum sucking some girls face off thats what i don't like about him he is a player.

(went home because of what happened)

So i got home because i couldn't handle the pressure of what happened at school. I went up to my room and got a bag  with stuff to go to the beach so i wanted to tell luke what happened today so im going to text him

Z: hey

L: hey why aren't you at school?

Z: something happened can you pick me up i'm at home and bring a beach bag that is what i want to do.

L: ok i will be there in 5min beautiful <3<3

Z: ok<3 see you then

so luke is going to be here in 5 min. so i have to do a lot of things to get ready. i have to do my make up but if i'm going to get the water i don't need that much just water proof mascara will do. i needed to get a top on so i won't get cold and it will look better if i have one to. Then all of sudden luke walks right in my room but with his hand over his eyes but i can see his dreamy blues showing which means he is looking at me. “ take a picture it last longer.” “ maybe i will but i can't find my phone so i will take one with my mind.” “ you are so cheesy sometimes but it is so cute though.” yep i love LUKE HEMMINGS


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