my best friend l.h

Zoe and Luke have been friends for a long time? do they like each other or does Zoe have felling's for someone else in the band?


5. five



After the beach with luke i went home. It was 3:50 so calum should be home but he is probably at a party sucking a girls face off. I went upstairs and changed and i got a text from luke.

L: Hey I need to tell you something so can I come over again??

Z: Yea and do you know where Calum is at??

L: He his at Ashtons house because of Alison??

Z: Okay just come over..!

L: Okay see you then<3

so i went and got changed into a ATL shirt and sweatpants. There was a knock on the door i thought it was luke but it was amber. “ ok bitch leave luke alone he will be mine and not urs so back away before i kill you.” she stopped talking when lukes car pulled up and she ran away leaving me there speechless. I ran to luke crying and screaming don't leave me ever. “ That was what i wanted to tell you well ask you so here i go. Zoe will you be my girlfriend.” “ yes a million times yes!!!!!”


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