I cant..

Sorry Calum i cant
said but why?
Because your too good for me

Read to find out more ��


1. um what?

Hi my names claire I'm 17 I love 5sos and guess what! I'm going on your with them from a contest I won. Anyways I like punk rock bands like acdc, cold chisel, red hot chilli peppers and green day. I have blonde hair with blue tips. Green eyes and I not super skinny but In like ya know Normal size. My past is really bad bad I don't like it talk about it I live alone even. My parents used to abuse me and my brother so now their in jail for attempted murder cause once my dad stabbed my leg then my arm and was about to get my throat when the cops bursts in and my mum was also pinning me to the ground so I couldn't move. My brother was hiding on the stairs and called the cops so that's how the cops found out. I get bullied bad at school I have one friend. and I may or may not have the biggest crush in the world on Calum hood bad maybe I might possibly be having a panic attack cause I'm going to see him in 5 minutes.

As I was on the plane about to get off at London were I'll be meeting 5sos I quickly fixed my hair as the plane is landing right now.

As I get off the plane I walked out to see none other than Calum hood . WOW. I can't believe I'm going to meet them! "Hi are you argh claire sloane?" Calum said "yeah" I said excitedly. "Okay so we are going to a hotel for the rest of today and tonight then we get on the tour bus tomorrow at 6:00 to leave but you will have to share a bed with one of us for tonight cause theirs only four beds if that's alright?" He asked "yeah that's uh fine thank you" I said trying not to scream. "Oh and the guys are already at the hotel" he said "okay" I said as a tear slipped but I quickly whipped it away. You may think I'm weird but the reason I'm crying is I just remember this boy standing in front of me is eh reason I'm still alive right now he helped me through everything."hey are you alright? Why are you crying did I do something wrong?" He said "no you didn't do anything" I said with a light chuckle "well then what's wrong?" He asked eager to know "um I don't think you'll want to hear it" I said then started laughing." Yeah I do it's an hour drive to our hotel tell me in the car" he said then we walked to the car."so what was wrong? You know you can tell me anything right?" He said "thank you but you won't want to" I got cut off by him " yeah I do tell me sweetie" he said " well last year my parent went to jail for abusing me and attempted murder thank god their in there for life um and it's just when I saw you it made me remember how when I used to be sad you and your band would make me happy, when I got bullied if put in earphones and listen to your music use are eh reason I'm still her" I said as I started to cry " hey don't cry, and thank you I'm really glad we could help and wait who did they attempt to murder? You don't have to answer that if you don't want to. He said " no it's fine um me" I said "but why?" He asked "we'll I'm not exactly dire but they used to say to Nd stuff like you pent deserve to live you were a mistake your a slut go die in a hole go fuck another boy and to be honest I have no idea why because I'd always lock myself in my room and listen to music and I have no idea why them called me a slut cause I've never" I stopped after never not wanting to finish the sentence. "It's okay I now what you were gonna say and don't worry their gone now sweetie and don't ever believe anything they ever said your amazing " he said "wow" I said "what" he asked "I just never thought I'd hear you say that to me. I never thought I'd hear you talk to me at all" I said then cried harder then pulled me into a hug "I'm so sorry" I said to him "for what?" He asked "for being a annoying whiny bitch it's just your he only person I feel like I CBS trust even thought you've only known me for like an hour I've known you for ages" I said "it's okay" he said then kissed my forehead.

Calum's pov~

Wow this girls beautiful. I canst believe her parent would do this to her. She doesn't deserve it.

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