My Bully

Sammie Irwin is a girl who just wishes for perfection. Yeah it helps with Luke by her side... but its Michael who pushes her into tht corner of sorrow..... "I'm Sammie Irwin, and this is my story..." I wiped a tear that fell.....

Written by:Kitkat135sos and 5Sos_is_bae


5. Chapter 3

Sammies POV
I woke up in a white room. A hospital. My whole arm hurt like hell, it was covered in gause. I looked around to see if Ashton or Luke were here. Nope. Thoughts went through my mind... what do they think of me? I know Luke knew I ya know cut, but Ashton didn't. I sat there bored. Then Luke walked in. He smiled and I did too. He ran up to me and hugged me tight."Luke I know you’re happy I’m fine but you’re kind of crushing me right now." I said trying to breathe."Sorry Sam I’m just happy you’re fine." He said letting go. I loved Luke's hugs, they just make me happy. "I know. I just you know need oxygen..." I said. Then Ash walked in. He did the same thing but tighter."Ash….can’t…..breathe." I said literally breathless."Sorry sis." He said smiling. Then the assholes walked in. They looked extremely annoyed... like my pain was a set back. I told Luke to come over to me."Why the hell are these assholes here, It’s not like they care." I whispered."Sorry we forced them." He said with a side smile that hadsorry written all over it."Thanks." I said sarcastically rolling my eyes for the bitch affect.

The doctor walked in. Thank the lord sweet baby Jesus."Okay so I think we all know why Miss Irwin is here correct?" He asked. Everyone nodded."Okay so we’ve come to the conclusion that you are depressed, He said. "With that being said we are going to give you some meds to help with that." He continued. Fabulous something else for Michael and Calum to give me shit for. Yay….-__-. Now that I think about it... I have no idea why he hates me. Since the day wemet he automatically started acting like i did something wrong. I mean before i met him I never thought of cutting myself, starving myself for days, or you know what it would be like if I was you know gone... stop it Sam, you have Luke and Ashton sorta. I mean before i met michael I had friends... but then he started to feel the need to elminate my god damn happiness. I used to play guitar, sing and even have a YouTube channel... but Michael makes me feel like I don't deserve any of that... not a single ounce of happiness should be given to me.

"Okay so we are going to keep you overnight for extra testing." The doctor said "Then tomorrow you’ll be free to go okay?" He continued. Everyone nodded. The doctor walked out."Okay well we all should be going since we probably all have better things to do instead of staying here all day with this one so let’s go." Michael said rudely walking out with Calum."Hey assholes get in here." Luke said."What it’s not like Calum or I give a damn about what happens to this one." He again said rudely pointing at me. I could feel Ash and Luke tense up like they are about to punch him. I may be against violence but this asshole deserves it. Luke walked up to Michael and punched him square in the face. Ash and I were trying to hold back our laugher. We failed very badly. Michael and Calum ran out of the room. We sat there laughing trying to catch our breath."Okay so do you want us to stay or leave?" Ash asked."I don’t care it’s up to you." I said."Okay then we’ll stay." Ash said."Is that good with you Luke?" Ash asked. He nodded then yawned."Luke do you want to sleep in my bed with me?" I asked. Ash isn’t very over protective when it comes to Luke cause we’ve known him for like 4 years."Sure if you want." He replied. I moved to make room for Luke."Ash where are you going to sleep?" I asked."Do you want me to ask for a cot for you?" I asked."Sure." He replied. I hit the nurse call button."Nurses desk how can I help you?" The lady asked."Hi can I please get a cot in room 222 please?" I asked "Sure thing I will have someone bring one up to you right away." She said politely."Thank you very much." I said."Your welcome." She sweetly and hung up. I looked over at Luke and he was asleep."Ash do you have a marker?" I asked,"Don’t even think about doing that." Luke said muffled cause his face was in my pillow. A few minutes later someone came in with a cot, a blanket and a pillow."Thank you." I said "You’re welcome." The lady said and smiled."Night Ash. Night Lil penguin." I said getting comfy."Night" They said at the same time.

* Later that night* Luke's P.O.V. I woke up to loud beeping. I looked over at Sammie I never wanted to see.......

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