My Bully

Sammie Irwin is a girl who just wishes for perfection. Yeah it helps with Luke by her side... but its Michael who pushes her into tht corner of sorrow..... "I'm Sammie Irwin, and this is my story..." I wiped a tear that fell.....

Written by:Kitkat135sos and 5Sos_is_bae


3. Chapter 2

Sammie P.O.V

I took the blades to my bathroom that was connected to my room. Luke was still knocking on my door so i closed the bathroom door so i didn't hear, I didnt lock it though. I starting cutting. I winced but smiled. Even though i hate the scars it leaves, the feeling of uphoria when the blood comes is something I love. I was doing my 2nd cut and i started getting lightheaded. "What the fuck?" i whispered. Then i looked at what i was doing and realized i cut really deep. My jaw opened and i started to feel pain... a lot of pain. I dropped the razor. I looked around for something to seal it... Blood was rushing. I felt a tear fall down my cheek, my eye sight started getting blurred. I held my hands in front of my face and it looked like i had 10 fingers on each. I felt a pain in my shoulder and head and was looking at the ceiling with the light slowly fading. I could feel the warm liquid pooling under my back and around my body. The last thing i remember is Luke coming in the bathroom. He was yelling something but i heard no words. His face was fading away from my sight. 'no don't leave' i said in my head... i started to panic, i couldn't move and... Then everything went black.


Luke P.O.V(when Sammie ran to her room)


" Really Michael," I asked" you know she doesn't eat cause she thinks shes fat you asshole!" i yelled and ran after Sammie. Ash was in the bathroom. Does he ever try to give a damn about her? She slammed the door." Sammie let me in" I yelled banging on the door. The only thing I can hear was her sobbing. A lump formed in my throat.. I hate the sound of her crying, it makes me feel terrible and i just want to wipe her sadness away. Then I heard her bathroom door close. My eyes went wide. Why the hell would she- oh god. I built up all of my strenght and anger and I broke the door down. I ran into her bathroom.  She was laying on the ground next to a pool of blood. She still had her eyes open but they were a faded color, "SHIT!" i yelled tears streaming down my face as i leaned up against her and tried shaking her, "Stay with me Sam!" i started to panic." Ashton!" I yelled." Luke whats wrong." He yelled back." Call 911." i yelled
" WHAT? why?" He yelled concerned. He came in and his eyes widened and he instanly pulled out his phone. he was on his phone telling them what happened and where to come. Moments later I heard sirens and then the paramedics come upstair. They put her on a gernie and then drove her to the hospital.
*They are Driving to hospital*
"What the fuck is wrong with you Michael?!" I yelled, Ashton looed pissed, but stayed quiet as he was the one driving... michael was sad but some how was managing to look like he didnt care. "i didnt know she was going to try to fucking kill herself..." he mumbed and I could feel the anger boiling inside of me. "I swear to god I will Fucking kill you if you ever lay a hand on her Michael!" i said... Calum was sitting watching out the window... a really paniced look on his face. The rest of the car ride was silent, except Michael and Calum had music blaring through their headphones. Thoughts of Sammie being hurt whirled through my head... wait what if she is dead. I felt a tear roll its way down my cheek. She can't die. No. She is my best friend... We arrived at the hospital. We all got out, Ashton and I walking faster than the other inconsiderate assholes. "Hello gentlemen are you here to see someone?" The lady at the front desk asked. "We are here for uh Samme Irwin..." Calum said. The woman smiled, "She is in room 222, i think she just woke up... " A wave of relief and grief set in. We all started almost running for that room... even Michael

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