My Bully

Sammie Irwin is a girl who just wishes for perfection. Yeah it helps with Luke by her side... but its Michael who pushes her into tht corner of sorrow..... "I'm Sammie Irwin, and this is my story..." I wiped a tear that fell.....

Written by:Kitkat135sos and 5Sos_is_bae


2. chapter 1

Sammie's POV

I was playing on my phone and I plopped it down on the couch and sighed. Tomorrow I have school... Ashton isn't in my school. Michael is. I wake up terrified of him. He hates my guys for some reason. And lucky for me I have all my classes with the god damn Michael Clifford. But I have Luke in my first class... I heard the guys stop and start talking about pizza. The garage doorknob twisted and I ran upstairs. I don't want them to see me like the ugly person I am. GAH why do I care? Because of Michael. He constantly reminds me I'm am ugly fat slut and laughs. I slammed my door shut. I jumped onto my bed and let out a long tired sigh. My sleeves were rolled up a bit revealing my dreaded scars. I love the feeling but hate the fucking scars. They remind me of hatred. I let a tear slip from my eye. I sniffled and wiped it away with the back of my hand. There was a knock at the door... At this point I was curled in a ball at the corner of my bed... Trying to stay as far away from those blades. "Come in..." I said. It was Luke thank The Lord! "Hey the guys and I ordered pizza... Wanna come down and have some." He sat by me and side hugged me, "you know u hate food... I'm fat enough." I whimpered. He hugged me tighter, "Sammie your not fat at all! Please can you eat for me?" He did a pouty face. I smiled, a fake one of course. "Fine..." He jumped up and pulled me downstairs... Now I have a reason to touch those blades tonight. I smiled at the thought. I felt sick at the smell of the pizza when Ashton opened up the box. We all grabbed a slice and sat at the table. "You're not gonna lose that weight eating pizza Sammie." Michael said with a smirk, Calum giggled. Ashton just kept eating with an annoyed look. I pushed myself out of my chair. "Asshole..." I said/ shouted at him as I took my soda and splashed in his face. With that I ran up to my room hearing Luke run after me. I slammed my door and locked it. "Sammie let me in!" He was knocking on the door... I spotted the blades on my night stand... I started walking towards them....

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