Augustus Is Back

Hazel has a horrible life after Gus dies, until he comes back to life.


1. Augustus Is Back

It's been about a year now since the love of my life died from cancer. My life went downhill, worst than it did before I met Gus. All I do is stare at the walls wondering how my life can get any worst. He was my butter on popcorn, my sprinkles on ice cream, my life. I just want to talk to him one last time. Sometimes I still here his voice but know he is not there. Why did he have to die, why not me. "Hazel Grace I didn't want you to die first, so I did it for you."I knew that voice it was him. I turn around to see Augustus Waters. "How are you, you are suppose, never mind I love you." "Hazel Grace I love you too." "Gus how are you here?" "It's called resurrection." " I don't speak zombie." "It's not zombie talk, it is where someone who dies comes back to life."

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