When a school player and the most hated girl in school find there way together. Something doesn't add up. It feels like a Joke. A lie. A Game.


7. Oh No!

The first thing I do when I get to school is find my friends. "I'm not doing it, I won't break her heart. I love her."

"You have to. A dare is a dare."

"No, I won't. Now leave it alone." I say strictly. Jake walks past me bumping into me, mumbling something. All my books fall and he helps pick stuff up. 

"Meet us at Big Bill's at 5:00." Jake says. 



At lunch I sit and eat with Derek and Krystina.


Jake's POV

When I bumped into Jay his stuff fell and yes, I grabbed it, I grabbed his phone.



U wanna meet

                                                             sure what time

5:00 at Big Bill's 

                                                            Ok c u then love u

lov u to

Yes I was gonna plan on ruining their relationship so he would fulfill the dare. I erase the messages and go find Jay.


"Hi." I say, "I umm. found your phone, I think. It was in the hallway."

"Thanks man I was worried." He says taking back the phone. He walks off.


Krystina's POV

I am excited. I can't wait till five. That's what I was thinking about all day. My date with Jay. I have fallen and fallen hard. I love him.

I run home at 3 ish and get in the shower. I am dressed by 4:00 and now it's time to do my hair. I curl my hair and put a big blue bow in the back. I then put on a white skirt and long black sleeve shirt after changing outfits three times. I then grab my keys and drive to Big Bill's.

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