When a school player and the most hated girl in school find there way together. Something doesn't add up. It feels like a Joke. A lie. A Game.


4. I'm Sorry Derek

Derek's POV

I have to do it I can do it. Will she say yes? Will she say no?


The past few days of knowing you I will treasure forever and I want to keep getting to know you everyday. I want to learn more and more about you until I know you better then I know myself. The other day when you told me what you did i hugged you. When I hugged you it felt so right and I wanted to hold on forever. Please be mine.


I put the note in her locker waiting for her to get to school. I couldn't wait. As soon as she opened her locker the note fell out.


Jay's POV

Shit, I lost her she's gone. She's probably going to say yes to Derek because they have become such close friends. I have been sitting at their table a lot more and I think she is starting to like me. That's why I asked her to come over tonight. I am excited because I am planning on kissing her. She is going to love it.


Krystina's POV

I read the note and for some reason I feel weird. I see Derek walking towards me.

"So?" He asks.

I can't decide, "Ask me again at the end of the week!" I say. He smiles and says okay. Then we head to our next class. 

Ever since Jay started sitting with us I felt like we were best friends, all three of us. It makes me happy that I don't go home and cut. I tried to stop but it didn't work i still cut but not as badly. Derek has been there for me through the hardest part of my life so far. I like him a lot but on the other hand, Jay is so sweet, handsome, and funny. Jay was mean but he changed. I don't know why but it feels like I like him a lot.


Jay's Pov

After the bell rings I rush home to clean up my room and make the house look at least decent. Then I go take a shower. I set up the table and start watching Nemo. I know what your going to say wow a seventeen-year old watches Nemo, yes I love this movie it is my favorite. I like it because it was the last movie I watched with my mom before she died when I was ten. I have rough spots in my life here and there but my dad will send me some money to help pay bills and stuff around here. I hate my dad he left me for some women who lives in Nebraska, but at least he pays the bills and my education fee. After I finish the movie I walk upstairs to my room. My piano still sits in the corner of my room. It has been there for a while I stopped playing after my dad left. Everyone looks at me and thinks that I am rich, hot, and heartless, but I am not. I may be hot but I am not heartless I just express my love in a different way then others. Sometimes I'm mean but not all the time.


Krystina's POV


I go home and set all my stuff down. I take a shower and call my best friend, Caroline, she lives in Georgia. I tell her about who asked me to come over tonight. We both scream on the phone, and she tells me to wear the white summer dress. I agreed because well she is right about everything. She told me to act hard to get and sexy at the same time. It's only 4:30 and I am supposed to go at 6:00. So I sit down and start watching If I Stay. I love it. It has just the perfect qualities for a romantic movie. I love Adam he is so amazing. The book is a lot better then the movie. As soon as I know it the movie is over and it's time to go. I pull a sweater on covering my scars and drive to his house. 

I sit in front of his house applying a layer of lip gloss before climbing out of the car.


Jay's Pov


I hear the doorbell ring. I check my hair one last time and grab the door. In front of me I see a angel. She looks so pretty."Hey Jay!" She says excitedly but I can't help but stare. "What? Do I look bad?"

"No, you look gorgeous." I say sweetly.


"No problem. Can I take your sweater?"

"Sure." As she hands me her sweater I invite her in.

We had steak with mashed potatoes for dinner and I think she liked it. I felt like I was staring at her face the entire time because she is so beautiful. I put the dishes away as she sits on the couch. I put in The Vow. She screams.

"What!" I ask frantically.

"I love this movie!" She replies with a smile. I laugh. She sits next to me and I put my arm around her. She cuddles into me and it feels right. Halfway through the movie she falls asleep on my chest. After the movie was over I woke her up and turned the light on.  When I turned on the light I saw them I saw scars going up her arms. I was worried.

"What are those?" I ask gently. As if she forgot she hides her arms.

"Nothing... they are nothing."

"They sure as hell look like nothing."

"They are cuts," She started saying while crying, "I did it because of you. You made my life a living hell, everyday." She was now sobbing. I walk towards her and sit by her. 

"I am so sorry." I take her chin and bring her full pink lips to mine. It was a sweet gentle kiss. Then it started getting heated and soon we were full on making out.

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