When a school player and the most hated girl in school find there way together. Something doesn't add up. It feels like a Joke. A lie. A Game.


8. I MIGHT forgive but NEVER forget

I walk in and sit down at a booth. There were people from school behind me, I could tell. It sounded like Jake. I listen in on what they are saying.

"So you have to finish the dare. Get together then once she falls for you breakup with her."

I then heard my heart shatter. It shattered into a million pieces. "Ok." He didn't even love me like he said he did. He used me as a game. A toy for his little game. He LIED to me. As I started to cry I thought about why I ever went out with my bully.

I get up from the table and walk out sobbing. I get in my car and hit the steering wheel as hard as I could. "It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today."(Unknown) And that's how I felt, I felt betrayed. I felt unwanted, I feel empty, and I feel cheated.

I went home and crawled into bed. I bet my mascara was running down my face. I didn't care. The feeling were indescribable and it hurt it hurt so much. I couldn't take it. I gave him everything. I gave him my heart and he stomped on it. What will I do now. He doesn't know, I know. All of these thoughts were running through my mind and all I could do was cry, and cry until I fell asleep.


I woke up and my eyes hurt like hell. Shoot I slept in and was a mess. I take a quick shower and don't put any make-up on. I then grab my keys and head to school. I can't stop thinking about what happened yesterday. I just want to cry the more I think about it.


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