When a school player and the most hated girl in school find there way together. Something doesn't add up. It feels like a Joke. A lie. A Game.


3. After School

3. 2. 1 (RING)

I gather my stuff as the teacher yells out the homework. I wait for Derek and we head to our lockers together. Oh I am so excited it is the weekend meaning I get the house and my computer all to myself. I get to watch Netflix all day. 

"So do you wanna come hang out with me at the mall?" Derek asks.

"I would love to, but can we stop by my house I left my money at home."

"Sure no problem."

We got lost on our way to my house because Derek thinks he is better then I am at getting to my house so we got to the mall at 5:00. Usually I don't go to the mall because this is where Jay and his crew come but I feel protected by Derek somehow. 

We were sitting by the water fountain when he asks, "What was that at lunch? I mean you flinched when he talked to you."

"Well, umm." I was about to tell him until I saw Jay and I told him I would tell him later.

"Hey Krystina, funny seeing you here." Jay says sarcastically.

"Hi Jay." I say in my small shy voice..

"Hey Derek, my man u wanna come hang out soon?"

"Actually I will probably be busy for a few days."

"Oh ok well I'll see you guys around." He says as he leaves.

"SO what Happened?"

"He bully's me." I lift my shirt up just enough so he can see the bruise on my stomach.

"What are those" he points to small little scratches.

"Nothing!" I say quickly, "They are nothing."

"it is ok to tell me."

"I.. I ... cut" and after  I say that I pull my sleeves down again. He didn't say anything he just hugged me and I felt safe in his arms.

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