This is just a collection of drafts I will be using for a different story, feel free to ignore this as most of what I will be writing will remain unpublished on this website.


2. Pro - Different Love

"We're over."


The words were like a slap in the face and I looked up as my knees wobbled violently. My mouth slowly opened and I wished, begged, for something to escape my parted lips. Yet the only sound that came was a gurgle as I fell to the ground. I slowly reached forward stretching my arm out for the man that was walking away. 


Memories flickered through my head and I stared at the images that came before me, each one supplying a moment of happiness before the sadness kicked in, leaving me breathless and gasping on the floor.


I would do anything to be able to say how much I loved him, or even just to utter "don't leave me." Yet, I couldn't find the motivation to, not when I knew nothing would come out of it but more pain.


So I just sat there, watching my love's broad shoulders as he walked away, his head hung low. His friends were laughing, trying to cheer him up with the knowledge that he had dumped yet another woman. Yet, all he did was stare at the tile as he passed over the cold floor, breaking my heart with every step he took.

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