As Long As You Stay


For the last 2 years, I've battled 8 different mental disorders, and am currently in recovery. I know this isn't fanfic, that's still to come. I just felt that a lot of you can relate to this, and it may help some of you through tough times.

stay strong lovelies��


1. Suicide

and after all darling

who is there to care?

who is there to love?

to help you end this despair?

and after all you've been through

is it really worth living?

watching yourself fade

without anyone out there giving

and after all you've done

does anyone really understand?

does anyone really know?

will anyone take your hand

of course darling

I am here to care

I am here to love

to help you end this despair

after all you've been through

of course it's worth living for

to prove all of those haters wrong

for this should be made law

and after all you have done

of course I understand

and darling I'll stay here

just please take my hand

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