We're Perfect!

As Mia moves to Australia and straight into a new school, What will happen when she becomes head cheerleader and she has to stick up with bitchy girls and uptight jocks.


2. Two

Ashtons p.o.v

I held out my hand for her to shake. "Mia." She said taking my hand. She's a pretty one Luke's definatly going to keep an eye on her she seemed like a nice girl I wouldn't want Luke dating her he would only break her heart like any other girl. "I guess you will be looking for the office." She nodded as I lead her down the corridoor to the principles office which was about as big as a library. When we got their she put her hand on the door about to open it which I stopped her if anyone opened without knocking it would be detention, I knocked twice before she answered "Come In!" Her big booming voice echoed. I pushed open the door for Mia and she strutted in without a care in the world

Mia's p.o.v

I strutted into the office which was massive! I flipped my hair behind my shoulders and sat on the opposite side on her desk. She was real ugly with red lipstick lined her lips perfectly with a wart just above. Her teeth were yellow and crooked and her hair was greasy and pulled back tightly in a bun. "Mia, How lovely you joined our school, And already broke a rule." She said, I shrugged. "What's the problem? Officer." I teased, She smiled "That outfit is highly inappropriate the language if unacceptable the skirt needs to be knee length.. That is way off knee lenght.." I chuffed at her words. "Really.. Is that how this school runs." "That's how I run it." She laughed "Be on your way." She said waving her hand beckoning me away. I stood up shook my head and walked out putting my sunglasses on. I slammed the door on the way out so loud it make a lot of people jump out of their skin and stare. I looked at my time table and walked off to maths.

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