We're Perfect!

As Mia moves to Australia and straight into a new school, What will happen when she becomes head cheerleader and she has to stick up with bitchy girls and uptight jocks.


1. one

Mias p.o.v

"Wake up!" I rubbed my eyes at the blinding light piercing through my blinds, My annoying mother was pulling the covers off me revealing me to the cold air of my bedroom. "Mia!Now! Your gonna be late for your first day!" I yawned and sat up rubbing my eyes once more, I finally got the strength to pull myself up and pull on my slippers. "There's pancakes downstairs, Get into the shower and then help yourself" My mother said pulling up my windows to dust the windowsills, I was still getting use to my new house the heating was broken so my bedroom was like a freezer, I limped into my bathroom and locked the door, I stripped off and hopped into the shower I turned the hot water and it hit my cold skin, Making me shiver. I jumped out after about 10 minuites and walked into the kitchen to get some pancakes but when I got down the stairs the plate was empty and my farther was topping the last pancake with golden syrup, I groaned and stumbled back up the stairs to get myself ready. I curled my blonde hair and put on makeup, I put on a crop top saying Inhale The Good Shit Exhale The Bullshit. I slipped on my black skirt and wedges and I was ready to go. I put on my leather jacket, grabbed my phone and bag and jumped into my convertible  . I was going to this posh totty academy where rich snobs go and I was not a rich snob. They had there own football team and cheerleading team which was clearly my type of thing! It was the only thing that attracted me too this place. When I pulled up into the car park I was amazed by the beauty of my school it was kinda old fashioned with ivy up the side. Everyone was staring at me so I slipped on my sunglasses and walked passed everyone, There was a man stood at the door and as I got closer he opened it for me, Woah I'm at a school with a doorman.. This was so stuck up. As I walked through the door I bumped into a boy with curly hair "I'm sorry!" I said throwing my bag over my shoulder "No that was my fault. Your new right?" "Yeah..." I said removing my sunglasses and shoving them into my bag "Ashton." He stated holding out his hand "Mia" I said taking it.



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