it is about my life so it probably will never be finished

1. love

I like this guy named Christian Noah Baldwin. I have liked him since i met him. We are really close friends but we are not dating believe me i have asked him out, but he said  no maybe when we are older. So, this is what i think of that. I think that it is rude especially if he knows that we would be a great couple and likes you. I have the reasons he said no. 1. he is afraid of getting his heart broken again 2. he thinks he is too young 3. i can not remember this one.

I so want to tell him how i fully feel about him but that would just be weird. That is because we are just really close friends and i can't ruin that. I know this sounds weird but i think i love him. I always want to say he is cute, awesome, cool, funny, caring most of the time, and many more things but it would take to much time to type all of it, oh and he makes me happy.

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