What now? (dramione)

After seeing Draco on platform 9 and 3/4 quarters Hermione feels a connection. what does this mean for her and Ron's marriage?


1. a problem shared is a problem halved

1 September 2017

Hermione's POV

After blurting out to Ginny about marriage problems that Ron and I have been having from the moment we sat down in the cafe. I am still amazed I did so because I thought all these feelings were just in my head, I had never said any of the things out loud. "I'm not saying our relationship is broken down I'm just saying it's changed" I finished finally making eye contact with ginny to realise I literally knocked the shit right out of her.

"Oh I'm so sorry, you probably didn't want to know any of that" I apologised feeling quite embarrassing for dumping all of my problems on her. "No it's not like that I... Just I didn't know... I mean I'd have never realised that like you were having trouble" Ginny stuttered.

Now I regretted telling her, firstly because she doesn't need my problems weighing her down and secondly she'd most likely tell Harry because they have a proper relationship where you tell each other stuff and what I'm most afraid of is Harry telling Ron but Ginny is my best friend and if I can't trust her now when can I and I doubt Ron has noticed anything wrong with our marriage but I just know that it doesn't feel right.

"Oh God, this is all my fault why do I always fuck things up" I complained. "Awh hunny this isn't your fault, it would have fucked up anyway you're just smart enough to see it"Ginny replied. She seemed to know everything, always have a comforting insight into my problems while never having problems herself. "it's just.. I want to fix it but I'll need Ron's help which means telling him and risking breaking the marriage further" I admitted. I used to think we were doing fine but after seeing Malfoy on the platform I don't even know what I think. Malfoy is one sexy son of a beast (all true) and if it think that then maybe my marriage isn't as safe as I hoped. They say a problem shared is a problem halved but I'm not feeling it if anything I feel worse instead of fixing problems I found more.

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