The Boy Behind The Glasses

"I'm Macie Howarks. I know I love him, but will he ever truly love me back?"

16 year old, Macie Howarks, has always had a quiet life. That is, until her 17th birthday.
When tall, dark and handsome ( Toby Marks ) crashes her party. She immediately falls for him, but when he steals her first kiss, she starts having doubts. Will she ever get to know The Boy Behind The Glasses?

1. WHAT!?!

It was the day before my birthday. Thursday 16th of June. Just a normal day. Boring, I know. But just you wait, you'll be stuck in this book like an ant between two grasshoppers. 


I was doing my normal chores: washing up, cleaning, cooking, more cleaning etc. Then I saw a car pull up. It wasn't Mams, it wasn't my brothers either. Or my sisters.


"Daaaad! There's a car out front!" My reply was: 

"Aww shit! They're here already?" Ugh. Just my typical dad.  Sorry 'bout the swearing. He's a bit colourful.

"Should I let them in Da?" I called. Who were they? My dad yelled 'YES' so I went to the door, and opened it. Then I stopped. 

A boy stood in the rain, sopping wet, with his jet black hair hanging onto his face. His clothes looked designer, so professionally cut, it seemed only the best designer had worked together on it.

Then I realised I was staring. I shook my head, as though to shake off what I had just done. 

"Ummm, come in." I cleared my throat and stepped to the side to let him in. He grinned and sauntered in which his hands in his coat pocket. I slowly closed the door, still watching him. Then he turned around, smiled and said :

"Hi. My name's Toby Marks. I'm your new neighbour."


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