The Kroft Family - The Murder of One

-The First Book in the Kroft Series-
Michael Kroft's life wasn't perfect. He shared a home with his irritating sisters Flo and Dianne and annoying older brother George. His father was an alcoholic with anger issues, and his mother was pregnant with, yet another girl.
Then Alice was born.
And things went from bad to worse.
Because Alice wasn't Alice Kroft, she was Alice Peters.
And the day his father found out, his mother was murdered.
Now with his dad the prime suspect of a murder investigation, Drew Peters asking for 'his daughter' back, and social services against them, Michael must unite his siblings so they can raise Alice as a Kroft, and keep Drew Peters grubby hands off her.


15. Family?

"What the hell is going on?" George spat, seeing Alice in Zach's arms. We all just stood there, frozen.

"He asked you a question" Flo backed him up, glaring at the three of us. Dianne took a small step forward, looking down at her feet.

"I can explain..." she began.

"It was my fault" I cut in, unable to see my sister so scared, "I said she could invite him over". Flo and George both shifted their hard stares onto me.

"Michael, what were you thinking?" Flo seemed less mad, more disappointed. 

"Michael? I thought you were George?" Zach didn't seem to spot that this wasn't the right time for interrupting.

"I'm George" George scowled at him, "that's my little brother Michael." Zach should have stopped there, but he didnt'.

"But Dianne told me that he was George" the kid just couldn't take a hint.

"Oh shut up Zach!" Dianne exclaimed, he did as told. "I wanted to have Zach round, and I knew neither of you two would understand, but Michael did. It's my fault, it was my idea." She took the blame. 

"I don't know if you're stupid, or just love-sick, or both. All I know is I want his grubby Peters hands of my sister." George pointed at Zach as he said this. I felt Alice return to my arms, but I didn't look at Zach when he did this. I couldn't shake what Dianne had said, It's my fault, it bothered me. 

"No-one is at fault." I spoke up.


"No-one is at fault" I repeated, "Zach has just as much right to her as we do. She is his half-sister too, just from a different half. So no-one is at fault. This situation wouldn't have been any different if I had been holding Alice, you would have walked in on her being cradled by her half-brother. Who says we can't trust him? He hasn't given us any reason not to." George just rolled his eyes, and Flo didn't seem to understand either.

"Stay out of this Mikey" George gave me a light shove.

"Don't you 'Mikey' me, I'm not a kid anymore" I refused to let him talk down to me.

"Then stop acting like one!" Flo snapped, "believing that what Dianne did today is reasonable is like believing in the tooth fairy".

"Don't have a go at him! He only did what he knew would make me happy. Why can't you both see that I wanted to do was spend some time with my boyfriend?" Dianne was more exhausted than angry.

"Dianne his father had an affair with our mother!" George reminded her.

"Yeah well our father might have murdered her!" Dianne shouted back. Silence followed, as it dawned on all of us what she had just said, "I'm sorry...I just..." she stammered.

"I think I'll go now" Zach muttered, rushing out of the door.

"Michael, go to your room." George spoke through his teeth. I folded my arms across my chest in protest, I wasn't leaving Dianne's side. I had played a part in starting this, and I wasn't going to let her take all the blame.

"Go Michael" Dianne agreed with George, "I can fight my own battles" she whispered in my ear. Deliberating for a second, I decided to do as my sister wanted. Flo followed after me, Alice was now in her arms, clearly this was just between Dianne and George. Before turning off into her own room Flo gave me a few words of advice.

"Shut your door nice and tight Michael, this could be quite the argument." 

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