The Kroft Family - The Murder of One

-The First Book in the Kroft Series-
Michael Kroft's life wasn't perfect. He shared a home with his irritating sisters Flo and Dianne and annoying older brother George. His father was an alcoholic with anger issues, and his mother was pregnant with, yet another girl.
Then Alice was born.
And things went from bad to worse.
Because Alice wasn't Alice Kroft, she was Alice Peters.
And the day his father found out, his mother was murdered.
Now with his dad the prime suspect of a murder investigation, Drew Peters asking for 'his daughter' back, and social services against them, Michael must unite his siblings so they can raise Alice as a Kroft, and keep Drew Peters grubby hands off her.


19. Conclusions

"Sorry for the short notice invite" I addressed my group. I had gathered my siblings, dad, Drew and Zach, and the police all in the living room to announce my discovery. 

"What's all this about?" Drew sneered.

"Yes, what is going on Michael?" Dad was clearly still hung over.

"I think I know who killed mum" I announced to the group. They all froze, and were silent. Every single pair of eyes stared at me, waiting. I gulped, nervous.

"Well?" George prompted me.

"The problem was mum was busy that night, lots of arguments, lots of drama. There was little opportunity for the poison to be administered. It seemed the only chance was after mum had 'fallen' down the stairs, and been knocked unconscious, someone had moved the body out to the front, that person probably gave her the poison at that point. But then again, Florida left the pub late, and mums body was found soon after. So the poison was given before. Which means only one person could have killed her, except herself" I paused, catching my breath.

"Who?" Inspector Paul seemed engaged now, keen to hear my conclusion, DI Harrison also leaned in.

"It was Drew, Drew Peters" I spoke clearly.

"That's ridiculous" Drew snapped at me.

"No way" Zach stood up for his dad.

"Think about it" I defended myself, "he was at the bar with her, he had the opportunity"

"Yeah, what about motive?" Drew spat at me, "why would I of done it?"

"You would have done it, because mum wanted you out of her and Alice's life, and you didn't want that, did you? So you killed her. You knew dad would be the main suspect, and you'd be able to swoop in and take Alice away from us. You did all this, just so you could raise her" I explained.

"That sounds like a good motive to me" Flo stood behind me, backing me up.

"And me" George did the same. Dianne just sat there, not wanting to upset Zach, no matter what her opinion was.

"Do you have any evidence of this Michael?" DI Harrison asked me.

"I do" I smiled, that was the best part. "I went to the bar earlier, and asked Paul, the owner, who'd bought mum's first drink. He told me Drew had..."

"That doesn't prove anytin', nothing at all" Drew waved his arms up in the air.

"Yeah, but the fact you only bought one full drink does" I grinned, then I turned to the rest of the group. "Drew bought one pint of beer, and asked for one empty wine glass. Flo later saw mum drinking out of a full wine glass. But it wasn't full with wine, was it drew? It was full of window cleaning chemicals you had on you at the time, diluted with water, but still deadly, and the same colour as a fancy glass of white wine." I pulled out an empty spray can from behind me, "this was in the same bin as George's university applications, it used to be full of window cleaner. I checked it myself, but you can test it in a lab too if you like" I handed it to Inspector Paul to look after, "I'm sure it had Drew's fingerprints all over it". 

"Why you..." Drew lunged for me, but two people held him back. Not Flo and George, or the two police officers, it was Dianne and Zach.

"Did you really dad? Did you do it?" Zach cried after he was calmer.

"I wanted to have her, Alice, she belonged with me, not them" he shook his head. Zach turned his back on him, and Dianne took his hand, comforting him.

"I believe that's a full confession" DI Harrison nodded, cuffing him. 

"Thank you Michael" Inspector Paul shook my hand as he left, by now the atmosphere had died down, "you have a bright future ahead of you".


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