James New Life

"Oh god. What am i doing! I can´t play football at all and now I´m going to play a football match!"
James moved from Wales to England.
Now he is going to start a new life.

I really like to hear your coments. <3


2. The match

The next class was biology. God made this subject to torment me. I have to cross the canteen and then outside and across the green. I walk into the canteen and there sits Jack on the bench and he is beckon me closer to him and his friends.

-  Hey James! This is my crew. My buddies. 

- Oh hello I´m James.

- You´re new here right? 

It is Jack´s best friend Alex there is talking to me now.

- Do you like football or are you a nerd like these?

He´s looking in a direction where there is a group of guys sitting around a computer while someone is playing games. I think "the nerd´s " is them. Football isn´t really me but maybe i should just say yes so i dosen´t make myself unpopular at the fist day in this high school.

- Yes, Football is fine. 

- Ok. In the next break we are going to have a football match so we can see what you can do with a ball. Show up at the green out there.

- Match accept.

Oh god. What am i doing! Why the hell did i accept that match! My football skills are worse than a guinea pig on skates!

I go over to the door. I need to have some frech air. I have headache. The door opened and I walk outside. I go over the green. The frech air feel so good. I have always prefered to be outside. It´s so liberating. You can feel the wind and the sun is shining. That feeling is just the best i can think of.

I´m almost at building 5. Biology is just inside that door. An hour an a halv in hell and then I can go outside again.

Our teacher is ill so we don´t have biology. We have to do our homework instead. Lucky me I would rather do homework than biology. I find my math and start work out. Sudden a girl sits on the chair next to me. She has long brown hair. A tank top and blue jeans on. She has sneakers on too. I look at her face. Her eyes is sky blue. Her skin is so perfect and her tinny mouth seems so soft. I can´t take my eyes from her. She is just so beautifull.

- Oh hello. 

She says and bluch a little bit.

- Are you starring at me or?

Oh shit. She discover me starring at her. What am i going to say?

- No, I just saw...... Something behind you.

Seriosly is that the best you can do James. Oh come on don´t be nervous. She´s just a girl you have met.

- Alright. I´m Jenna. Nice to meet you. I haven´t seen you before. Are you ne...

- New here? Yes. I´m James. I moved from Wales to England.

- Fine. Is it okay that I´m sitting here next to you?

- Yes it is. Of course.

First day of school and I´m already getting friends. It´s good. But after they have seen me playing football they won´t speak to me again. That sucks!

- Stupid football match.

Oh. Did i just say that out loud. 

- Are you going to play a match?

- Yes but I can´t play at all. I play like a broken leg.

Why am i telling her that. Now she defenently think that I´m a nerd. Why can´t I just be quiet. Me and my big mouth. 

Bells rings out again and the match is just around the corner. I just need to go outside the door and then I´m there at the green. Getting my ass kicked of.

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