James New Life

"Oh god. What am i doing! I can´t play football at all and now I´m going to play a football match!"
James moved from Wales to England.
Now he is going to start a new life.

I really like to hear your coments. <3


1. England

- Can i borrow your pen? 

- Well i don´t think I have more than one pencil. No here is one. Oh wait. Are you new here? I dont remeber you here in this class.

- Yes I am. My name is James and it`s my first day here in this high school.

- Okay I’m Jack.  Jack McBride.

- Cool.

The school bells rings out and I´m just finished math class. I like math but I´m not really good at it. I´m fine like the most of the other people in this school I think. I´m new here. My mother and I moved from Wales to England. I don´t speak Welsh because my parents is from England. They moved to Wales when they were pretty young and hopeless in love with each other. Then they got me and we were a little but happy family.

That time is over now. One day my father went on a trip to the United States of America. He said it was some kind of business. But my mother and I knew there was something wrong. He told us to don´t worry. He would be back in a few days. But he never did. For that day he went to the airport we never saw him again. And now I´m here in England because my mother isn´t over my fathers vanished. She is still down. Sad and unhappy. I´m 17 now and I took the big decision to move closer to her family. We live next to my Grandparents now and that helped with her mood a little bit.

I have lost all my friends in Wales so now I have to find some new friends. I totally forgot how hard it is to have a conversation with someone strange. I´m shy and that doesn’t help the situation. That’s  why I asked for a pen in math today. I need to talk to somebody. I need to start somehow, right.

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