The boy from my childhood


The line went dead. I knew he wouldn't remember me, but secretly I was hoping he did. I remember him. I remember every detail about him. Like how he has cute dimples when he smiled and that his favorite food was pineapple. I remember crossing my fingers behind my back when we made the promise when we were six about us getting married because I use to have the biggest crush on ashton!!!! I stood outside looking at the view off my balcony thinking of all our childhood memories that I guess had been forgotten by the new ashton Irwin


14. nothing more nothing less

Chp 12: nothing more nothing less

*Alyssa's pov*

I dropped Sarah off at her house and went back to mine. I was worried about her and what would happen with her and ashton Irwin. It's obvious she is in love with him, and from what I've Heard he sounds like he's in love with her too. They don't admit it to themselves because I think they are scared of what will happen. She's my best friend and I don't want her to get hurt. Especially by the only boy she now trust in her life.

She use to trust everyone and after she stopped being bullied she became the happiest girl in the world. She had friends she became popular and even had a boy friend.

Zach was her first and I always thought the would be together for a long time. They loved each other , I thought. But after Sarah gave herself up he dumped her and earned $200 from his best friend. He was an ass and now Sarah hardly trust anyone except her family me and Evan and now I guess ashton. I just hope that he doesn't try anything with her.

I got interrupted from my thoughts when I got a text from Sarah "hey Alyssa you were right it was awkward seeing him. But a good awkward. Anyways were having dinner at 7 when my parents get home. I would love for you to come and met ash. Love ya 😘 see u soon"

I looked at the clock by my bed. Shit it was already 6:30. I had to hurry and take a shower.

After my shower I put my hair in a towel and went to my closet to pick clothes out for dinner. After I got dresses I applied my makeup and started blow drying my Long curly hair.

I got to sarahs house just in time. I don't even bother to knock anymore because tho place is like a second home to me. When I walk inside they are just putting dinner on the table. Mmm fettuccine alfrado my favorite!!!!

I sat by sarahs dad and across was her mom and an empty seat. Ashton sat at one end of the table and Sarah sat at the other.

It was quiet for a second. I still couldn't believe that I was sitting at the same table and eating the same dinner as ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer!!!! I took a quick picture of him taking a bite of food without him noticing. Was that weird? Yea just a little, I deleted it after :/. I look up from my plate and see that ashton is staring at Sarah with a gleam in his eyes. I look over at Sarah and u could tell she was trying not to blush. It was adorable that the were so cluelessly in love with each other. Everyone seen it except them. My thoughts got interrupted when Danny (sarahs mom) started speaking.

"So how was your guys day Sarah and ashton? What did u guys do?" She sounded really curious and it made me giggle.

"Well I ordered pizza earlier and then when I seen Sarah she ran up and hugged me for the longest time and then we sat on the couch and started to c-" he was cut off

"And then we started to play x-box" Sarah lied.

I swear she was the worst liar in the world but her parents didn't notice. I glared at her and she nodded her head which met she would tell me later. I was confused.

No one really talked for the rest of the dinner which was awkward but it's whatever.

After dinner I helped mrs. H clean off the table and clean dishes. I did it often because of how often I was over. She said thanks and then me ash and Sarah walked upstairs together. Ashton went into his room and Sarah and I went into hers.

"So u gonna tell me what really happened between u and ashton today" I said giving her the rising eyebrow I do when I'm curious.

"I um don't know what your talking about. I told u we played x-box" she started playing with her bracelets again (I noticed ashton was wearing a lot to).

"Yea whatever" I said rolling my eyes at her.

"Ugh I really hate you Alyssa. What really happened was that when I first seen him we hugged forever and then we had a tickle fight which was weird but I loved it and then we just hung out on the couch for an hour or so. That's it " I knew she was still keeping something from me.

"And why couldn't you just tell your parents that?huh?" I said trying to force whatever she was hiding out of her.

"I don't know I just didn't feel like it. Ok?" What did her and ashton do?

"Whatever Sarah. If u don't want to tell me DONT!!!" I'm getting really pissed off that she's not telling me whatever she's keeping inside. She has never not told me anything before. What ever she did it couldn't be that bad.

"Ugh fine. I'll tell you" I knew I could get it out of her.

"Well after the tickle fight I scooted closer to him for a side hug but instead he pulled me up on his lap and I cuddled my nose into his neck and it was perfect. It was awkward seeing him again but it was perfect. When I hugged him I felt so safe and I didn't want to let go. I have no fucking clue what the hell is wrong with me. It's just that when ever I talk about, or to ashton or when I'm around him I get this feeling that I have never had before. It makes me sick but happy at the same time. And every time he smiles it makes me blush. I hate it!!!! What the hell is wrong with me Alyssa?!!!"she didn't look at me the whole time she was talking. She just played with all her bracelets.

I just stare at her and smile "hon u love him"

"Well duh I love him he's my best friend. I tell him I love him like everyday. " she was talking about a whole different kind of love. I started laughing and made her confused

I settled down and started speaking again "no Sarah I mean your IN LOVE with him!!! Like full out in love hon. You have been since you were a kid you have just been blinded by your friendship to realize it. I can tell by the way you look at him and you can tell he feels the same way because of the way his eyes gleam when he looks at you. Sarah your in love and you can't deny it anymore" that was the best answer I had ever gave someone. I was proud of myself!!!!

*sarahs pov*

In love? Was I in love? No I couldn't be. Not after what happened with Zach. I promised I wouldn't love again. But does this count if I have loved him since I was born. No stop your not in love with him. He's your best friend. You can't be in love with him. It will ruin what u have with him. You cant fall. But wait what if I have already fallen but I just don't realize it? Sarah stop you can't think about this anymore. Ashton only thinks of you as a friend. He only loves you as a friend. Nothing more nothing less. And you can't love him any more or less. You guys are friends and that's all you will ever be just deal with it!!! I was pulled out of my thoughts when there was a knock on the door. Who was it? Everyone except me and Alyssa were in their rooms in bed.

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