The boy from my childhood


The line went dead. I knew he wouldn't remember me, but secretly I was hoping he did. I remember him. I remember every detail about him. Like how he has cute dimples when he smiled and that his favorite food was pineapple. I remember crossing my fingers behind my back when we made the promise when we were six about us getting married because I use to have the biggest crush on ashton!!!! I stood outside looking at the view off my balcony thinking of all our childhood memories that I guess had been forgotten by the new ashton Irwin


5. direct messaged

Chp 5: direct messaged

*sarahs pov* (sorry it's such a short chapter )

I woke up the morning after the stupid ass phone call I had made to ashton. I yanked my phone off of my charger like I do every morning and looked at my new Instagram notifications. I had 4 new followers and 50 likes on a selfie i had takin a couple days ago.

When I went bak to my feed I seen on the top right corner of my screen that I had a new direct message. I thought that was weird because I hardly ever get those. All my friends usually just text me. But I click to see who sent it and I was shocked to see the username. I didn't even open it because I'm still kinda pissed from what had happened yesterday.

I got off my Instagram app on my phone and was just about To get out of bed when my phone went off and I had another direct message.

I opened it this time just to see what he had to say. It was weird though. Why would ashton message me if he didn't remember who I was. I read the message and he wrote ...

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