The boy from my childhood


The line went dead. I knew he wouldn't remember me, but secretly I was hoping he did. I remember him. I remember every detail about him. Like how he has cute dimples when he smiled and that his favorite food was pineapple. I remember crossing my fingers behind my back when we made the promise when we were six about us getting married because I use to have the biggest crush on ashton!!!! I stood outside looking at the view off my balcony thinking of all our childhood memories that I guess had been forgotten by the new ashton Irwin


6. direct messaged part 2

Chp 6: direct messaged part 2

*sarahs pov*

Hey Sarah,

Sorry about the confusion from yesterday (ur time) my friend calum (I'm guessing u know who I'm talking about) answered my phone and thought u were just some fan who got my number. Hell I don't even know a Sarah at Starbucks. But anyways I'm really sorry. I have wanted to talk to you for so long but I thought u hated me. I have regretted not saying goodbye to you for the longest time. I really miss u. I don't have ur number because calum deleted it yesterday but if u call me I will answer. I promise. Love ya sis. P.s. If you call I have a surprise I want to tell u about ;) "

Sis? He called me by my nickname? Really? After all these years of not talking and he uses the nickname from when we were kids.

I decide to call him because I wanted to yell at him and I kinda wanted to see what the big surprise was.

After about three or four rings a raspy voice answered the phone.


"Oh shit. I forgot about the time differences"

"Is this Sarah?"

I still wasn't sure if it was ashton so i was gonna quiz him a bit and ask him something about my old dog.

"It depends. What was my old dogs name?" I questioned into the phone.

"Which one u had two when u were growing up?" He chuckled

"The one I had when I was 5"

"Oh. It was sniffles." He sounded almost proud when he said it. But all I could think of was when we were little and every time he said the word sniffles his nose would crunch up.

"Why did I name him that?


"Um Sarah u didn't name him that!" Your dad did. He named him that because u were sick with the flu when u got him. Did I pass ur little test yet dumbie?"

Yep it was ashton. It had to be.

I must have been lost in thought because he soon asked

"Sis u there?"

Then all if a sudden I remembered why I even called In The first place.

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